Are your kiddos doing research? Scrible is a lifesaver!

What is Scrible?

Scrible is a google add-on used for highlighting, commenting, and annotating articles that you find online! You can even share your work with others! Students never have to worry about keeping up with pencil and paper or losing their work!

This online video will help you!

*Please note, this video is a tad outdated, but it shows a very basic overview of how to use Scrible!

Sample Task!

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and type in "scrible"
  • Add the Scrible Tool Bar Extension from the Web Store

  • Go to and choose "sign in" at the top

  • Sign-up through Google (use your school Google log-in and password)

  • Go online and find a cool interesting article about CTE classes and their benefit to students. Once you find an article that you like, use the scrible toolbar to highlight and take notes. Changes will be saved automatically into your scrible library.

  • Take a picture of your work using your device and upload it into the Goose Chase!

FYI: When your students are typing their research projects using Google Docs, they can use their scrible library as an add-on to help with their citations!

  • Open Google Docs
  • Click on “add-ons”
  • If “Scrible Writer” is not listed, choose “Get Add-ons” and add it
  • Once “Scrible Writer” is an option, choose “start”
  • You will see Scrible Writer to the right-hand side of your screen