Ingredients for Success

Election Results

Our student council at their first meeting!

Upcoming Events


November 10:

  • Kindergarten Community Showcase

November 11:

  • No School - Veterans Day

November 12:

  • Happy birthday, Juan!
  • Leadership Symposium
  • Leadership Day Lesson Plans Due
  • Hallway Displays Due
  • Wear Jeans for Troops

November 13:

  • Inaugural Ball
  • Leadership Walk through

November 14:

  • Happy Birthday, Juley!
  • IRT Meeting


November 17:

  • Magnet Tour (9:30-10:30)
  • Staff Meeting
  • Kendra @ district training

November 18

  • MSA Pilot Visit

November 19

  • Kelly @ district training
  • Ms. Summers' Friday Award Ceremony
  • Happy birthday, Debbie Powell!

November 20

  • Leadership Day

November 21

  • 5th Grade Wax Museum


We will fill you in on the details of Leadership Day when we meet this afternoon.

Please be judicious about office referrals. We are here to help and support in anyway that we can. Please save the most severe cases for us so we can handle appropriately and thoroughly. Just this afternoon we dealt with 5 students and it took over 2 hours from start to finish. We are taking a very strong stance to get this behavior under check.

Leadership Day is just around the corner! Next week is one of the busiest weeks we have had thus far. Let’s all stay on top of things so aren’t stressed and overwhelmed.

Thank you for giving us the heads up if you have an issue with a parent. The more we are all on the same page the better.

Thank you for reinforcing the habits and social etiquette piece of our leadership theme---implementing with fidelity is the key.

All data notebooks should be updated and presentation ready. We are thrilled with those we have reviewed thus far. Thank you for staying on top of this strategy that makes such a difference.

Thank you for paying attention to the culture of your classroom. Students learn better and behave better in an environment that is clean, orderly and attractive.

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