Yvonne Bevry Olson

My Great Grandmother

A Poetic Hygienist

My great-grandmother, Yvonne Olson(or Oma) worked as a dental hygienist from the time she got out of college, to the time she was 43. She then turned to poetry as a way to express her feelings. She was a poetry teacher for 25 years and then she retired. Since then, she has written three poetry books. My grandma's and my mom's favorite poems both come from her book titled "Leaves from the Seven Birches". She enjoys writing about nature while residing in her summer home in Wisconsin.

History during this time

Three days before Yvonne was born, the first negro baseball game was played. This was in an all negro league. To know that my great-grandma was alive during the time of segregation and integration is very cool. She married her first husband Les Olson in 1939. One of the richest technology companies in the world was founded in 1939 as well. This company is known as Hewlett Packard. The day after my great-grandma gave birth to my great-uncle, the Lascaux caves were discovered on France. My mom has traveled to see these caves, so it is intriguing to know that Ted Olson was born the day after they were discovered. My great-grandma remarried in 2002, the same year that Queen Elizabeth died. I have been to England multiple times, and I have seen the present queen, so that means my great-grandma watched to funeral with my great-grandpa.

Still Alive

Yvonne Olson was born on May 5, 1920. She just turned 95 and her husband, Richard Olson, just turned 95 as well. She is an inspiration to me because at the age of 95 she drives from Washington to Wisconsin every summer in order to spend time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her memory is razor sharp. She still knows her high school locker combination. I love that whenever I see her, she is always in a good mood and rarely raises her voice at anyone.