September 10, 2021. 23rd Edition

Educator Quote

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers." - Charles W. Eliot

A Message from the Director

First, I would thank you for your support in these first four weeks of school. We have achieved incredible landmarks and have settled down into exciting learning experiences this year.

Second, we are thankful for your participation in last week's Back to School Night. If you were unable to attend the Open House for some reason, please contact your child's teacher(s) to learn more about them and what their goals are for this year.

It has been truly wonderful to have everyone back here; to see students smiling, learning and interacting with their peers.

Have fun as you sneak peak into our classrooms and surroundings through this issue of the AISB Times.


  1. Student Council Elections
  2. Back To School Night Pictures
  4. Student Learning by Grade Level
  6. New this Year: Congo Week
  7. Community Center Day
  8. Lunch Menu

Congratulations Besylan! -2021/22 Student Council President

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Congratulations Jean-Philippe!- 2021-22 StuCo Vice President

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Congratulations Mary-Christy! 2021-22 StuCo Treasurer

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Congratulations Mankah!- 2021-22 StuCo Secretary

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Congratulations Anne-Esther! 8th Grade Class Rep.

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Congratulations Anne-Esther! 7th Grade Class Rep.

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Congratulations Brady, 8th Grade Rep & Collins, 9th Grade Class Representative.

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Congratulations Rouguy! 10th Grade Class Rep.

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Congratulations Aiyana!- 11th Grade Class Rep.

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Out-Going & In-Coming Student Government

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Election Speech Delivery Video

2021-2022 Student Council Elections

2021-2022 Student Council Election Campaigns

Congratulations to our very courageous, passionate and determined Student Council Candidates for stepping up and presenting their candidacy in the 2021/2022 Elections.

Candidates for the post of President

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Candidates for the post of Treasurer

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Candidates for the post of Secretary

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First Day of School

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Scholastic Book Club

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to invite families to participate in the first Scholastic Book Club of the 2021-2022 school year. This program allows our school to order reading books for your children in English. Participation in Scholastic Book Club is optional. AISB will facilitate the process and place a school-wide order. Once the order and payment is received in the UK, the company will send us the books within two to three weeks after the order has been placed.

Prices in the pamphlets are listed in Pounds and USD. We will accept cash in USD or XAF. The exchange rate for USD to XAF will be calculated the day you pay. In addition, there will be a 25% charge (based on the total cost of books) for shipping / handling that must be added to the total paid to AISB. All order forms and payments must be received in the office no later than Thursday September 16, 2021.

To place an order, please follow the outlined steps.

1. If you would like to place an order:

a. Write the quantity of the book (for example, if you wish one copy of the book, please enter “1” into the field.) for each book, and also calculate the totals, based on the price of the line item in USD, multiplied by the quantity.

b. Please calculate the “Total order value” of all books in your order, entering in the sum of the total of each line item:

c. If you are paying in XAF, you will need to calculate the total of USD with the accountant, Ms. Yvonne Fola, when you pay.

c. Calculate the shipping and handling fee, 25% of the “Total order value,” and enter this into the “School order delivery” field (in order to receive, we will need to send via DHL).

d. Add the “School order delivery” total with the “Total order value” and enter this into the “Grand Total” field.

2. Submit the form or send by email to the receptionist, Mr. Ronny, and proceed to make your payment to Ms. Yvonne Fola, the school accountant.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Viban at Your children’s grade level classroom teachers are an excellent resource for recommendations on your children’s reading and interest levels.


Dr. Laura Viban

Scholastics Book Club Coordinator

American International School of Brazzaville

10 septembre 2021

Chers parents,

Nous sommes ravis d'inviter les familles à participer au premier ‘Scholastic Book Club’ de l'année scolaire 2021-2022. Ce programme permet à notre école de commander des livres de lecture pour vos enfants en anglais. La participation au Scholastic Book Club est facultative. L'AISB facilitera le processus et passera une commande à l'échelle de l'école. Une fois la commande et le paiement reçus au Royaume-Uni, la société nous enverra les livres dans les deux à trois semaines suivant la commande.

Les prix dans les brochures sont indiqués en livres et en USD. Nous accepterons les espèces en USD ou XAF. Le taux de change entre l'USD et le XAF sera calculé le jour du paiement. De plus, il y aura des frais de 25 % (basés sur le coût total des livres) pour l'expédition/la manutention qui doivent être ajoutés au total payé à l'AISB. Tous les bons de commande et les paiements doivent être reçus au bureau au plus tard le Jeudi 16 septembre 2021.

Pour passer une commande, veuillez suivre les étapes décrites.

1. Si vous souhaitez passer une commande :

a. Écrivez la quantité du livre (par exemple, si vous souhaitez un exemplaire du livre, veuillez entrer « 1 » dans le champ.) pour chaque livre, et calculez également les totaux, sur la base du prix de l'article en USD, multiplié par la quantité.

b. Veuillez calculer la « Valeur totale de la commande » de tous les livres de votre commande, en saisissant la somme du total de chaque article :

NB. Si vous payez en XAF, vous devrez calculer le total en USD avec la comptable, Mme Yvonne Fola, lors du paiement.

c. Calculez les frais d'expédition et de traitement, 25 % de la « Valeur totale de la commande » et saisissez-les dans le champ « Livraison de la commande à l'école » (pour recevoir, nous devrons envoyer via DHL).

d. Ajoutez le total « Livraison de la commande scolaire » avec la « Valeur totale de la commande » et saisissez-le dans le champ « Grand total ».

2. Soumettez le formulaire ou envoyez-le par courriel à la réception auprès de, M. Ronny , et procédez au paiement auprès de Mme Yvonne Fola.

Si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations, veuillez contacter le Dr. Viban à . Les enseignants de vos enfants sont une excellente ressource pour des recommandations sur les livres à vous procurer.


Dr Laura Viban

Coordonnateur du club de lecture Scholastics

Ecole Internationale Américaine de Brazzaville

Ms. Perpetua & Ms. Gunjan's Pre-K Classroom

Mr. Essis' Grade 8 Math Class Measuring/Calculating Perimeter & the Area of different Geometric Shapes on Campus

High School Swimming Class

IMG 6989

Ms. T's Kindergarten and 1st Grade Class at Work

6 September 2021

Ms. Baba's High School Technology Class Designed Logos for the Congo Week.

High School Technology Artifacts on Microsoft Word
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Mr. Sean's 4th Graders at Work and during Snack Time

Dr. Gilbert's Physics Class: One -Dimension Motion Lab

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Ms. Baba's Grade 7 Math Class

Mr. Essis' Grade 7 Life Science Class: Floating Egg Experiment

Ms. Tilly's Grade 5 Science Class

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5th Graders Practicing their Election Speeches for Class Rep

Grade 5 Library Time, Reading Stories, Practicing Home Row in Typing

Ms. Ebone & Mr. Kadaba's 2nd and 3rd Grade Science Class

A glimpse into the science lab. 2nd and 3rd graders dissected and labeled different plants. 🍃💐
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Elementary Art Class with Ms. Selvanee

Coming Up! SAT & PSAT

On Saturday October 2, our 11th & 12th graders (Seniors) will be taking the (Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), which is a standardized assessment widely used for college admissions in the United States.

The 8th, 9th, and 10th graders will be taking the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), an exam given to Sophomores and Juniors. This test is given to prepare students for the SAT as a practice version test that gives students a sense of the format, question types, content, and time limits that they will encounter on the SAT. Additionally, the PSAT test serves as a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Students in grades 8 & 9 will take the PSAT on Friday September 27 while the 10th graders will do the test on Wednesday October 13.

The National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) is a standardized test administered by the College Board and cosponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) in the United States.

Congo Week!

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It is with great pleasure that we extend an offer for you to attend the (Opening Ceremony, 20th September) and the (Closing Ceremony, 24th September)) of our Congo Week Celebrations.

We, here at the American International School of Brazzaville have undertaken this venture in order to bring continuing awareness to our host country-The Republic of Congo-and use this week of cultural immersion as a way to say thank you.

It will run for the week commencing Monday 20th of September with an Opening Ceremony commencing at 8:00am and concluding with a Closing Ceremony on Friday 24th September at 10:00am. Students from Pre-K through Grade 12 will be engaged in numerous activities to discover more about the cultural, recreational, culinary and linguistic treasures of this country.

Mr. CIV for the Congo Week Committee

We have also chosen fabric (pagne) to be worn by everyone during that week to school. See pictures below and buy for your child if not already done so. Students can share the pagne and make more than one outfit from one.

Ms. Selvanee's High School Art Gallery.

These amazing paintings will be exhibited during the Congo Week and available for sale.

Lunch Menu

From September 6- October 1
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Mark your Calendars

  1. Sept 17- School Holiday- School will be closed
  2. Sept 22-26: Congo Week
  3. Sept. 25: Community Center Day
  4. Sept. 27: College Night
  5. Sept. 30: Progress Reports
  6. Oct. 2: SAT
  7. Oct. 4-15: MAP test
  8. Oct. 13: PSAT
  9. Oct. 16-24: Fall Break
  10. Oct 27: Quarter 1 ends
  11. Oct. 28: Quarter 2 begins
  12. Oct. 29: AISB Halloween
  13. Oct. 29: Report Cards

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Dr. Laura Viban

Ed.D in Educational Leadership & Management


American International School of Brazzaville /