Technology Rules for Parents

By: Arshdeep

Rule #1

Do not share personal information with others on social media websites, because there are identity thieves that will take advantage of you. If you have a public wall on websites like Twitter or Facebook change your settings to private. Also never give your name, credit card number, or any other information to websites you don't trust.
To learn about actual experiences and more chat room dangers visit the website below.

Rule #2

Remember what you post on the internet stays on the internet. Avoid posting things you will regret later, because it never really gets deleted.

Rule #3

Cyberbulling is not funny but mean and hurtful. Especially if it leads to suicide. Don't do things or say things on the internet that you wouldn't do in person.

Rule #4

The internet isn't always reliable. Think twice to see if it is actually true before clicking on the heading or link. For example "You Want To See This" headings you probably don't want to see it, because these links are often attached to programs like RATS.
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Rule #5

Don't add or friend people on social websites like Facebook or Twitter that you don't know. Not everone is who they say they are. If you do then even strangers can find out all of your personal information. Also don't meet or talk to someone you don't really know but just met online.

Rule #6

It might not seem too important, but use a password to lock your screen. So when you are using your device you have to enter the password. This prevents unwanted people from using it.

Rule #7

Never reveal your password to anyone, even your friends, because friends today might become enemies tomorrow. But you can tell your parents or adult you trust if you really need to.

Rule #8

If you don't feel safe let someone else know like a parent, or friend. Even if you don't like what someone posted, telling someone else is the best way to solve the problem.

Rule #9

Use tips and tricks to keep you safe. For example place a sticky note on your camera. It will prevent people from seeing you when you don't want them to.

Rule #10

Turn off GPS tagging in your settings. If you don't someone can break into your pictures and determine your location without you knowing.
For more information watch the video or visit the website below!
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