Burlingame Intermediate School

Friday, August 26, 2022

Dear BIS Family and Friends,

What a great first two days with your students!! I hope they feel it went well too!

Schedule Changes

We are still hard at work on adjusting schedules. Thank you for being patient. I do want to reiterate that if you want your child in advance math (6th or 7th grade) we will accommodate your request. The changes affect ALL students, and teacher schedules, as we close a Math section and create an Accelerated section or visa versa. Schedules will be fluid through next week (maybe longer) for ALL students. We also need to balance classes, as some are over filled and others have few students. In the end, we will be sure all students have a schedule that fits their needs.

Math/Accelerated Math

If you did not get Accelerated Math in 6th or 7th grade, and you want your child in this class, email us ONLY, if you haven't emailed us before today. We will get to your students schedule as soon as we can and email you with an updated schedule. Delayed start in a class will not affect your child's grade.

Eighth graders all will take Math 8. Those that opted to take the independent study Algebra will soon see this on their schedule.

Parent Portal

Emails for you to sign-in or create an account were sent out last night. It will have the new URL and login information for you with your students' unique code so you can link them to your account. If you need assistance, once we finish addressing student schedules we can help. Please be patient.

Picture Days

Next week we will have Picture Day by Grade-Level.

Sixth grade is Monday, Seventh grade is Tuesday and Eighth grade is Wednesday.

If you would like to volunteer and are cleared through the district, please sign-up here.

Identifications Cards (IDs)

We will be taking lunch counts in Advisory classes each morning. PLease let your child know if they will be grabbing a school lunch. The lunches are free to students. Once students get their ID cards they will be scanning them so we can keep a more accurate accounting for our state reporting. Please share with your student(s) that they will need their ID card daily at school for lunch and to check out library books.

Lunch Applications are available for the 2022-2023 school year. Please see below for more information. Families that qualify are eligible for many other community services, including a free bus pass you can pick up in the BIS office.

6th grade Family Picnic is this Sunday at Ray Park from 11:00am to 1:00pm

6th Grade Outdoor Education

We have booked 2 different weeks at Alliance Redwood Conference Center in Occidental, about 85 miles just past Santa Rosa. We are still gathering bus costs so we do not have a final cost for each student. We hope that all students will participate. We booked it early so our 6th graders can bond with one another to help make their middle school years a positive and memorable time. The weeks we have booked are September 26-30 and October 24-28. We will send out a preference survey when we have the actual cost for everyone.

We look forward to a great year!


Mrs. Erica Gilbert, Principal

Dr. Jermaine Williams, Asst. Principal

Mr. Tony Tsujisaka, Asst. Principal

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Lunch Application for 2022-23

Please fill out the Lunch Application for 2022-23

The application is in English and Spanish: Lunch Application Link

Once the form is filled out and turned into the BIS School Office, you will be eligible for a SamTrans Bus Pass (while supplies last) and many other county perks.

More than one student in the district? Only one application per family. Be sure to list all children on the same application.

Questions? Email Don at dkyu@burlingameschools.org

District Nurses

The district has also contracted with a new nurse. Her name is Janet Westlund. She comes with over 25 years nursing experience and will be partnering with Nurse Rosie to ensure students are screened and healthy.

You can contact them at nurse@burlingameschools.org.

BIS Back to School Night

Thursday, Sep. 8th, 5:45-8pm

1715 Quesada Way

Burlingame, CA

General Meeting

Begins at 5:45pm

Classroom Meetings

6:10 to 6:20 Advisory

6:24 to 6:34 Period 1

6:38 to 6:48 Period 2

6:54 to 7:04 Period 3

7:08 to 7:18 Period 4

7:22 to 7:32 Period 5

7:36 to 7:46 Period 6

7:50 to 8:00 Period 7

Mark Your Calendars

Picture Days:

  • August 29 - 6th Grade

  • August 30- 7th Grade

  • August 31- 8th Grade

  • September 2: 1:40pm dismissal (Memorial Day Weekend)

  • September 5: No School - Labor Day Holiday

  • September 8: BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT! General Meeting 5:45pm Quad Area

  • September 8: 6th grade Parent Event Post Back to School Night at Behan’s!

  • September 9: Principal Coffee and 1st PTA meeting 9:00am

  • September 15: 7th/8th Grade Parent Event at Behan’s

  • September 26 thru 30th: Group 1 of 6th graders go to Outdoor Education

  • September 29: Make-up Picture Day

  • September 30: Coffee w/ the Superintendent 9:00am

  • September 23 to Oct 7: PTA Trojan Superhero Fundraising Drive

  • October 7: Trojan Superhero Tournament 2022 Student Activity: We are ALL SuperHeroes!

  • October 10: No School - Staff PD Day

  • October 24 thru 28: Group 2 of 6th graders go to Outdoor Education