Introducing Codie Bender

By Codie Bender

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Teaching Career

I'm Codie Bender and I currently teach seventh grade Language Arts at Schuylkill Valley Middle School. I apologize that my introduction video is dated by a few months because I recently switched from Boyertown Junior High East to Schuylkill Valley Middle School. This is currently my fifth year teaching as I've taught seventh grade Geography, seventh grade Language Arts, ninth grade American studies, eighth grade Geography, and I have returned to teach seventh grade Language Arts. It has been a winding road, but I've been able to build upon the knowledge I've gained through my experiences. I am definitely a different teacher than I was when I graduated from Muhlenberg College. I have much more experience and skill in utilizing classroom technology as well.
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Using Technology to Facilitate and Differentiate

Throughout my career, technology has played a large role even if it was in short supply. When I taught American Studies, I used Ipadio and Voice Thread to have my students podcast about different Civil War battles. This helped students that did not feel comfortable being visually recorded or presenting in front of the class. It also gave them the opportunity to rehearse and edit their project. I've also used iMovie to present material to students that are stronger visual learners. Above is a video I used when discussing Manifest Destiny. Students could review the video as many times as they needed to remember the information.

Quizlet is another tool that is available to my students in case they need to review vocabulary words. Additionally, I make great use of Google forms for assessments. These assessments provide students with video clips that can help correct misunderstandings when they get a question incorrect. Many students find this to be helpful as they prepare for unit tests and exams.