Iditarod Race History

By: Evan Celuch, Sean Lipka, Gianna Cucchiella

Period: 1/5 Date: 3/11/15

What Happened

The people of Nome had a disease called diptheria and has been known to be very deadly. Back then (1973 ) the only transportation during a blizzard is dog sledders ( mushers ) that were the only people to deliver the syrium. The mushers saved many people but some of the mushers dogs died along the journey. But that is how the idea of the race was made.

How many people are in the race

Who made it up?

Joe Redington had an important part in making up the race. He is named the Father of Iditarod. This all happened from when Joe crossed the Alaskan border and someone gave him a dog sled pup. Joe thought that this was a sign of a new career to raise funds for the race Joe and his brother donated an acre of their land at Flat horn lakes. The Iditarod trail community was at work putting in the trail, raising money, and promoting the race. After all that was done that is how the race began.

Where is it

Every race of the iditarod is located in Alaska from Anchorage to the city of Nome.
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