Monday Morning Message

December 7, 2015

On the Road to Success...

  • Unfortunately, our best intentions with the Brain Gym schedule are not realistic. We have many different situations that have made it difficult for Casey follow the schedule. She is going to create a new one that she will begin after break. She will still be pulling kids until then, but not exactly according to the schedule. If you would prefer to wait until there is a new schedule, please let me know.
  • Colleen cleaned up the lounge again (including the microwave). Please remember to take care of your things. Thank you!
  • The copy machine was broken in the teacher workroom. The technician found pieces of construction paper in the machine. Please only use copy paper in the copy machine.
  • DREAM programs begin December 15.

Dates to Know


  • December 8 - 4:00 pm

PLC (8:15)

  • December 9


NWEA testing begins Thursday, Dec 10.

DK-2nd grade teachers need to sign up for 2 testing sessions

3rd grade is using chrome books so they will also need to sign the cart out for 3 sessions. 1 hour long each.

Please make sure you have set your accounts up on the NWEA site. It is different than the PD. NWEA sent you a temporary password, and you need to use that link first and create a new password. (Open in Chrome)

We will set aside time on Wednesday to work on this. If you have any questions before, please let Lisa know.

My schedule for the week is...

  • December 8 - Ad Staff
  • December 10 - Appointment (leaving at 2:30)
  • December 11 - GISD 8:30 - 11:30
  • December 11 - Meeting with Eddie and Steve - 3:00

Birthdays this month...

  • Shelley Carroll - 12/08
  • Lori Harrower - 12/10
  • Adrienne Buchowski - 12/21

Happy Birthday!

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