World History Weekly

Week of 2.8.16

Industrial Revolution starts to move out...

While Nationalism & Imperialism will be moving in starting next week. We just had a written assignment, a paragraph focusing on the working conditions of textile workers during this time, and a quiz to finish out our unit on the Industrial Revolution. Moving towards next week, Nationalism & Imperialism start moving us closer towards the modern day and are very exciting and relevant topics, given continuing issues throughout the world, and help students to get a grip on how things became the way they are today. As a review, engage your student with the following questions:

  • What is one main cause of Industrialization? What is one effect?
  • Describe the problems faced by English textile workers at this time - were they good or bad?
  • What was it like to be a child laborer during this time?
  • How many hours would they work?
  • Why were children sought out as a source of labor?

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Western Imperialism

The map above gives a great overview of what the world looked like in 1914. Notice the huge amount of land that was controlled by the British and French empires. Quickly today, it is easy to forget that it was only a few generations ago that the world looked very different and the results of colonization are still very present and affect people throughout the world today. The ripple effects are present in a variety of areas, thus, we look forward to a discussion of how all of this started and to start to look into how this affects the world today.