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Selecting the Right Construction Surveyor

Construction surveyors carry out important tasks and can save a company thousands of dollars. When choosing a surveyor for your construction survey, you want to ensure that you make the right decision. With all of the information they are able to provide, this decision should be based on experience and references.

What a Construction Surveyor Does

A construction surveyor provides detailed information about a property before any construction takes place. They must perform measurements with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. However, their work is not completed when the initial survey is written. They serve to advise engineers, contractors, architects and other professionals with various aspects of their jobs.

The surveyor must verify the changes to any building or other structure while it is being built. They will also check the completed work to ensure it followed the original plans, any written modifications and the local regulations.

Choosing a Construction Surveyor

When looking for a surveyor for a construction project, the first and more important attribute to look for is attention to detail. In a business where millimetres can make a difference on the success of a project, you want someone who provides exceptional accuracy and precision.

This level of detail is essential whether you are working on underground pipeline or bridgework over a river. It also matters when you are building a factory or other structure. For example, refineries must have the network of pipelines measured precisely with all construction following the specifications exactly. Any deviation can result in costly remediation. When a new pipe is added to a current network, there is no room for error to ensure an accurate fit.

Construction surveyors are also involved in business office buildings or largescale housing projects. They may assist with shopping centers and other building developments. Some surveyors focus or excel in one type of project over another one, which is why it is essential to find out who has the strongest reputation for the type of project you have.

Specialized technicians carry out the work of construction surveyors in many cases. Check their credentials and certification to ensure you feel confident in their level of ability.

In-house or Outside Surveyors

Many construction companies hire their own surveyors to serve on staff. While this often reduces the costs involved for the business, it can lead to an impression of bias. Many times, it is better to hire an outside construction surveyor to ensure the quality and integrity of the project. All work can be independently verified if it comes under scrutiny.

You can find surveyors by word of mouth from other companies in your industry. Get their recommendations when choosing a surveyor. Follow up by asking for references and relevant experience from the surveyor you choose. Make sure they have experience on the type of project you have in mind so they can provide the level of expertise you need. Not only does it protect your company from costly mistakes, but it can prevent any legal ramifications from those mistakes as well.

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