Inside ruffles all dressed chips

What are you really eating?

Did you know that the top three ingredients in ruffles all dressed chips are specially selected potatoes, vegetable oil, corn maltodextrin.

What else is it harming

This isn't only harming us it is harming the environment from the gigantic factories the packaging is made into the transportation from America to Canada ruffles are bad all around.

pictures of the top three ingredients

Whats natural

There are a couple of natrual ingredients but the healthy factor is taken away for example the potatoes are deep fried and the vegetables are turned into oil

Is the wrapper recyclable?

Sadly the wrapper is not recyclable for your every day typical recycle bin. Although it is not recyclable people find ways to do arts and crafts with it

Where is this product produced?

The original ruffles factory is in Caza Grande, Arizona but there are many locations across the world