To: Ass~ley Carrethers

From: Your bestfriend


Ashley, I'm giving you my old, ugly, scratched IPod for 1 reason and 1 reason only: It's important to me, just like you. I put some songs that make me think of you on it. As time progresses I'll put more songs onto it. I hope that when you listen to the songs on this ipod they will make you think happy thoughts... Because it's too easy to think bad ones. You have to promise me that you wont just listen to the music, but you'll listen to the lyrics because they express exactly how i feel for you. If you ever doubt yourself, question your worth, wonder just how beautiful you are... I hope these songs will refresh your memory and show you just how much you really mean to me... You mean the world to me. I hope when you listen to each song you think of me, think of us and think of the memories we have and the memories to come. I want you to be able to listen to this music and escape from the real world and just let your imagination take over. I promise it'll help. I see how stressed out you are babe and sometimes all you really need is a mood boosting song to get you out of your funk. I love you and I hope this made you happy. Expect more surprises to come because you deserve it all. I love you more than the stars love the sky, the fish love the sea and the planets love the universe. I can give you the whole world... because I'm only 1 girl... But can give you my world and hope that that will be enough to keep you satisfied. I love you and care about you sooooo much.
They Didn't Agree On Much - The Notebook