3rd Grade News

April 2014 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

Monday, April 14-Monday, April 21-Spring Break School Closed
Thursday, April 24-Professional Development Schools closed
Friday, April 25-Earth Day
Tuesday, April 1-Young Author Kick of


Teachers have noticed that student supplies are slim. Please check with your child to see if they have a good amount of pencils, glue sticks, erasers and coloring supplies to last them the rest of the year. We so appreciate your help in this matter.

Young Author Kick Off

Young Author has been around Clarksville for many years and we are proud to say we are continuing the tradition. Children will begin their own stories in class. We are asking that they finish them and type them on the computer at home. If you visit the CES-PTA website you will find the format for you to type it in. When they are done they should print and bring the story in. In class we will cut, paste and illustrate the book. We look forward to sharing them with you at our Class Young Author

The Third Grade Team

Kim Hartner, Team Leader - kim_hartner@hcpss.org
Hilary Becker, Teacher - hilary_becker@hcpss.org
Jenni Yun, Teacher - jenni_yun@hcpss.org
Carol Crivelli, Para Professional - carol_crivelli@hcpss.org