Volcanic Eruptions

Describe pyroclastic materials and lava flows

What is pyroclastic material ?

Pyroclastic materials is a fragment rock formed during a volcanic eruption .

Felsic magma is made out a silicon feldspar an it has a light color,it traps more gasses cause it has more viscous .

What are the types Mafic lava flow ?

Mafic magma has low viscosity and it is made out of magnesium and iron, witch causes it to have its dark color . And has less trapped gasses

Types of Mafic Lava

Types of volcanoes

There three types of volcanoes from depending on what type of eruption it produces, such a quiet or explosive eruption. Lava and pyroclastic materials that are ejected during the volcanic eruption build around the vent and form the cone of the volcano. An explosive volcano has felsic magma made out of silica and feldspar and has many trapped gasses and high viscosity witch causes it to explote violently . Witch forms cinder cone an composite types of volcanoes .quiet eruptions has mafic magma made of magnesium and iron witch has less trapped gasses and has low viscosity witch causes it to erupt quietly .