5H Weekly News

30th January 2016

Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying 2016 so far. We have much to be excited about in class, and I am happy to say that 5H students are still showing the energy and enthusiasm they brought with them after Christmas. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement, it makes a huge difference to us!

The Week Ahead


On Monday, students will be taking their math MAP test. This assesses their general understanding of a broad range of math concepts. This is not limited to topics we have studied in 5th grade. We will also complete our current unit about decimals, and move on to the following unit, which is multiplying and dividing decimals.


As children have been busy writing research-based argument essays and letters about chocolate milk in school to Mr. Webb, we are ready to deliver these and prepare to hold a debate on this issue.


We will continue reading our novel study text, Maurice on the Moon. This book gives us some interesting perspectives on what it would be like to live on the moon. Groups will work together on their group novels, too.


Students will take part in a Web Quest to explore the phases of the moon, and what these mean. They will also learn about the surface and atmosphere of the moon.

Social Studies

Our social studies unit is closely linked with our study of the moon in science. Students will take on the role of imaginary characters that plan, prepare, and colonize the moon. They will need to consider many aspects of forming a lunar colony, including jobs, skills, government, and constitutions.

Upcoming Events

- Monday 1st February: Math MAP test

- Thursday 4th February: Author David Greenberg visits SFS

- Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th February: Lunar New Year (No School)