First Things First

January 11-15

January Read-Aloud Schedule

Each day in January will feature one student reading aloud a book to our class. Students should practice these books, be able to read them fluently and with expression. Next week's January Read-Aloud schedule is as follows:

Jan 11-Brooke, Brock
Jan 12-Bella
Jan 13-Callie
Jan 14-Wyatt
Jan 15-Eli


In a Reading/Social Studies unit students have to SYNERGIZE to develop a 32 block community made up of houses, schools, hospitals, libraries, hotels, and citizens. The community consists is also composed of different neighborhoods. Students wrote in their journals daily about communities and will continue to write about their community next week. This project coincides with our reading series that features a story about communities!
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This Reader's Theater was done before break, but LISTEN HEAR to our kids read! By far, this is the strongest Reader's Theater yet, looking forward to even more growth in the second semester.

Spelling Words And Sentences

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We are adding 2-5 minutes of crossing the mid-line exercises to the beginning of our math core time. Our school Occupational Therapist led us in exercises this week that helps the brain prepare to learn. If interested, this article explains more about the benefits of crossing the midline.

We are in Module 2, Lesson 2. Students are learning to make to ten to add with three addends. To see an in-depth explanation, please follow the link to our curriculum page. It has been so enjoyable to see our first graders number sense and math skills take off!


Mrs. Lane's freshman health class taught us about habitats this week! The lesson involved movement while learning and the first graders enjoyed learning from the "big kids."
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The week of January 11-15 is a BLACK week, specials are as follows:
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