Hello from Ms. Pifer's Class!

September 10, 2015


Thank you for your patience as I try to get the class email up and running! I will be periodically be sending a newsletter! I will try my best to get it to you weekly!! :) I hope everyone has settled back into the swing of things and is ready for a great 5th grade year! I can tell you that I go home each day bragging to my family about how wonderful all of these 5th graders are!

We will all be grateful for the cooler temperatures next week! This week has been extremely hot. A HUGE thank-you to all of the volunteers that helped keep us cool and hydrated this week! (I chose the background on this to reflect our week...sure feels like summer!)

2015 Upcoming Events/Dates to Remember (I will update as I learn of more dates!)


16-Curriculum Night beginning at 6:00 (more info to come!)

25-No School for Students-Professional Development Day for teachers

27-2:00-4:00 is the Green Space Spruce Up (see the flyer in your child's binder!)


6-Open House at Indian Springs 6:00-7:00

9-5th Grade SEED field trip at Sharon Woods Metropark

16-No School for Students-PD day for teachers

25-Whetstone High School Homecoming! Hope to see you in the parade representing ISE or at the game! (more info to come!)

30-End of the 1st Grading Period


2-No School for Students-PD day for teachers

3-No School for Students-Records Day for teachers

13-Grade Cards come home

17-Parent-teacher conference night

19-Parent-teacher conference night

25-27-No School for Thanksgiving Break


Winter Break starts on December 19th


I would like to include photos of the students on this email. I will be sending home a photo-release permission slip with your child soon. Please be sure I get it back so that I can include your child in the photos. If you would NOT like your child included in the photos, please be sure you let me know that on the form I send home! Thank you!

SOCIAL STUDIES NEWS! (This applies to ALL 5th graders!)

We are continuing with Geography in Social Studies. We have discussed mapping skills, longitude and latitude, etc. Yesterday we started a mapping project called "My Lifesland" in which students will be creating their own maps that will incorporate what we've learned in class with getting to know a little about each other! Students should have the directions in their Social Studies folder if you would like to check it out! We will be working on these in class for a few days, then anything left undone will be finished as homework!

READING NEWS! (This only applies to students that have me for Reading!) :)

Students are reading Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher. This is such a good book and the kids are enjoying it! We are tying all the reading content that we discuss in class to this book. You will see evidence of this in your child's "Interactive Reading Notebook". In this notebook your child takes notes from class discussions and also responds to literature. These notebooks are great references as well! In the back of the notebook your child writes me 1 letter per week about the book that he/she is reading for our "Independent Reading" time. This is a fabulous time of the day when students get to take charge of their reading, reading what they want! We have many conversations about finding good-fit books that are high-interest! I hope that you will get to see your child's notebook!

I'll talk more about Reading/Language Arts at Curriculum Night. I hope to see you there!!

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Help Wanted!

If you are interested in coming into Indian Springs to help Mr. Crawford and I with copying, please let me know! We always appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!

Entertainment Book Fundraiser!

Entertainment Books went home yesterday to kick off our fundraiser! Please see the flyers inside the bag for more information! Let me know if you have any questions! If you are not participating, please have your child return the bag (with the book) to me. Thank you and Happy Selling!
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