Someone I admire

Bethany Hamilton

Early Life

Bethany Hamilton stared surfing from a very young age. She competed in her first competition when she was only eight years old. When she was nine years old she got her first sponsorship. As she got older she got better and better at surfing.

The Attack

When Bethany was just thirteen years old she went out for a swim on Halloween, October 31 2003, and was attacked by a shark. She ended up losing her left arm from the attack.
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This is Bethany after she got attacked.

Recovery and Returning to Surfing

Bethany recovered very fast. She began surfing again about a month after her attack. Bethany's dad made her a special board to make it easier for her.
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In the same year Bethany started to get recognized. Magazines and Newspapers started publishing Bethany's story. She was also on ABC news, and Good Morning America.
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In 2004 when Bethany was 14 she received an award from MTV teen choice awards for courage. She also received an award from ESPN for best comeback athlete. She also received many other awards throughout her life.


Bethany travled alot of places around the world throughout her life. Some of those places include Thailand, Indonesia. Mexico, Samoa, Puerto Escondido, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, and Tahiti. Those trips varied from mission work, surfing competitions, family trips, and others.
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This is a picture of Bethany in a mission trip.

Soul Surfer the movie

When Bethany was 21 years old a movie came out telling her story. Annasophia Robb played Bethany in the movie. There was also some clips of Bethany in it.
Here is the link to the soul surfer movie trailer


Bethany got married to a man named Adam Dirks in 2013. Bethany also competed in the tv show The Amazing Race in 2014. Bethany has a very strong faith. She tells her story all over the country.
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This is Bethany on her wedding day.

Why i chose Bethany Hamilton

I picked Bethany as the person that i admire because she is very inspiring. She showed amazing courage, strength, and determination. She is a great example that if you work hard at something you can succeed.