Currituck Sound

By: Caroline Carter

Currituck Sound Location

The Currituck Sound is located on the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia, and is part of the Outer Banks. It is separated from the ocean by the Currituck Banks Peninsula.

About Estuaries and the Currituck Sound

Estuaries are coastal bodies of brackish water that act as transition zones between river and maritime environments. Estuaries are important, because, not only do they provide important economical and cultural benefits for communities, they act as habitats and feeding grounds for many aquatic animals. Also, they act as filters for water entering the ocean, and buffers for storms by stabilizing the coastline. Currituck Sound itself is important because it provides a home for many aquatic birds and other organisms. Also, it helps to stabilize the mainland and the Outer Banks from the countless storms that threaten to carry them away.

Threats to Currituck Sound

The Currituck Sound is threatened by storms that could potentially upset the balance of its thriving ecosytems, and also by the constantly changing condition of the Outer Banks coastline, which could unearth all its development. Also, like all other ecosystems, it is threatened by pollution and development by people like us.

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