The Proper Way To Purchase Anything

How to Barter Like a Boss

End the Confusion

Credit Cards. Cash. Debit Cards. Bitcoin. Checks. All of the end up with you in debt. Want to get yourself out of the rut? Join the world of bartering.
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Step 1

Figure out what you want to get, and what you can give to get it. Tap into your inner professional expertise for value of the items of what you have and what you want and try to make them balance.

Step 2

Identify a trading partner. Make a list of friends, family, or colleagues who might have what you want and who will want what you have. Everyone has something to offer, you just have to know the right people.

Step 3

Pop the question. You need to be able to have the guts to ask someone for the trade. They most likely won't initiate it, so make sure you have the confidence to make the first step. If you already have a bartering group, skip to step 4.

Step 4

Hammer out the details of your bartering. It helps to have a registered barter judge, however, if you are trading one-on-one try to be as fair as possible to allow future transactions to take place, due to your new level of trust that you have established with them.

Step 5

Live your life the best way. Don't fall into debt or stolen identities. Barter for your goods. You already have some cool stuff, don't let it go to waste.