Edgar Allan Poe

Brandyn Weatherly

Who he was:

He was an American detective, horror, and science fiction author.

What his childhood was like:

He was the second of three children and his parents died before Edgar was even three years old.

Sickness and death in his life:

Both his mother and his wife died of Tuberculosis.

His first publication:

He published his first book when he was 18 years old.

Most significant work:

His very popular book "The Raven" is so popular that it is still published today.

Themes of life in work:

He wrote about death and sorrow, and his life was full of these things.

His strange death

No one knows how he died. He ended up being found in a small town bar, drunken on a bar stool. He didn't tell anyone where he was going or what he was doing. He ended up dying the night he was found.

His impact on the world

He made detective stories and horror stories popular. He wrote those, and made those genres a very popular one.
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Edgar Allan Poe's genre

Horror, science fiction, and detective stories are what he wrote. He wrote stories that even now people find frightening.
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Why he wrote how he did

He grew up in a house filled with death, sickness, crime, and poverty. The books he wrote were reflections of his childhood. They were filled with what he lived with in his childhood.