Sims Fayola International Academy

CSR Colorado Summer 2014 Update

CSR Colorado Update on Parent Engagement Activities

The Parent Engagement team would like to share with you an update on our work during the summer of 2014. The Team continues to focus its efforts on parent outreach to ensure increased parent participation at all Sims Fayola events. The team has conducted the following parent engagement activities/efforts:

- In collaboration with Sims Fayola teacher leaders and CSR Colorado Parent Engagement staff, we nominated 16 students from the entire school to earn a certificate of recognition for their hard work and effort in Science. In addition to their certificate, we organized a free visit to the History Colorado Museum for the 6 students and their entire families on June 8th. Six families attended and showed their joy for this opportunity. Maria Juan, parent of Izaac Jimenez said:

"We did not know a lot of the history of Colorado, it was really interesting and it was our first time together at that museum. The food exhibit was our favorite, thank you so much for doing this! There are a lot of people that do not know any of that information and is able to learn about it thanks to trips like this one."

- In addition, two Sims Fayola parents participated in a Parent Leadership Class for three weeks during the beginning of the summer. The class taught parents about the district and school system, the value of literacy and public speaking skills. Adela Armenta and Rosa Escutia, parents of Jorge Armenta and Rogelio Escutia were extremely happy for the opportunity and feel empowered as parents.