Black Power Movement

By Sydney Williams

Background Information

  • Doctrine for black people to have political, economic, social, and cultural power in their community
  • States that blacks could find their own standards and beliefs
  • Black Panther Party formed for self-defense
  • goal was to protect blacks from police brutality
  • the fact of blacks be treated unfairly and not equal to others is a big cause of this movement
  • Malcolm X was a very big influence on Black Power, he was also a big influence on the Black Panther Party and their violence

Information on the Protest

  • Black Panther party formed
  • they acted very violent against whites and law enforcement
  • they usually got their point across by carrying around guns where ever they went
  • they fought when necessary and for revenge
  • Black Panther Party did some good such as giving free meals to black school children
  • this movement spread across the country into many large cities
  • the press usually publicized pictures of the Black Panther Party carrying around guns and participating in acts of violence, not doing the little good they did for the children as an example

effects of the protest

  • caused violence and riots in large cities
  • caused tension between Black Panther Party and the police
  • led to many shoot outs
  • Black Panther party began to work with white radical groups for more support
  • people saw the name "Black Power" as in the African American people were trying to seize power of local whites
  • other people saw the name as African Americans wanting to create and make their own destinies
  • their acts of violence caught attention form the the police and FBI
  • Many members of Black Panther Party were either murdered by enemies or law enforcement, or were in jail
  • Elaine Brown, the women who took over the Black Panther and led them to many things
  • Elaine led them to the establishment of free meal program, and the founding of the country's first African-American studies program

Assessment Question

The participants in Black Power demonstrated their belief system in many ways, most people demonstrated their beliefs through violent acts. Others expressed their beliefs with their voice, they spoke what they felt they were being held against and for what they deserved. With the people who demonstrated their beliefs in violent acts, they were only being heard for all the destruction they were causing. They demonstrated their beliefs by anger and revenge, just making the matter worse.
The Black Power Movement