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1/3/2020 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hello Families! Welcome to a new year! Yes, there are certain effects of 2020 that we are still working with in 2021 but when we start new there is new opportunity for growth and making different choices. Thank you families for adapting with all the changes, yet still holding your scholar accountable to their academic success. We know this has been difficult and for those whom this has been more difficult, please remember, all we are asking of you is that;

1. your scholar attend class

2. your scholar follow through with assignments

If they are attending class we can work with whatever is in front of us, together! These 2 steps allow us to get to know your scholar even more and assist them during class and outside of class as much as possible. We truly are here to work with you and your scholar and know that this is a team effort!

**Please remember, teacher's are offering ways for scholar's to improve their grades when in attendance.**

Information will be coming soon about remaining virtual or considering hybrid. As always, you as a family have the choice to remain virtual no matter the decision.

Virtual Schedules: This will be WEEK B. Your scholar's virtual schedule is below

Coming Up!

Quarter 2 Ends: Monday, January 11th.

2nd Quarter Reports Cards: Available January 15th

Winter MAP Testing: January 11th - January 22nd. - We will reach out about scheduling later this week.

No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 18th


7-1 -


7-2 -


8-1 -


8-2 -


Attendance: We are required to monitor your scholar's attendance as we have always done. Attendance is also directly tied to your scholar's success in their classes. Attending ZOOM sessions are a must in order for your scholar to understand how to complete assignments and to receive the support needed to achieve quality grades. Teachers are also available outside of class time to work with scholars. Please take advantage of this!

Grades: Your scholar's 2nd Quarter report cards will be available online (link to directions below) on January 15th. If you are having a hard time connecting to see them please email bwisher@aplusarts.com or jrishell@aplusarts.com and we can send them to you. Also remember that your scholar's grades are ALWAYS available, with specifics, through their Google Classroom.

Meals: Meals will be available for pick up on Monday from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. Please drive around to the back door. Thank you!

After-School Program: VIRTUAL OPTION! Please register here: http://bit.ly/AplusPLAreadingsignup Parents, this program is not the same as last year. Your scholars will be able to receive intensive Reading remediation as well as supports in Math. Please note, this is not a program simply to complete homework. The focus will be working on skills that will benefit them across all content areas and allow homework to be completed in a more efficient manner, independently.

Help Desk: PLA has a help desk to help meet your technology needs. Please see the link below.

Calendar: Attached you will find the school calendar. We will be sure to communicate other important dates weekly

Scholar of the Week! This could be your scholar!

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8th Grade Parents!

Can you believe high school is right around the corner!

Columbus City School's 2021/2022 School Year Lottery is open! Please click the following link in order to receive all the information and guidelines with this. https://www.ccsoh.us/Page/1184.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out.

Cristo Rey sent a representative to talk to your scholars about their high school. If you want more information, please reach out and we will help connect you. Your scholar was also given the information.

We are working on coordinating with other schools to speak to your scholar's as well. If you have any questions please call us 614-338-0767

Access Interim/Report Cards Here

Technology Needs and Concerns? (please click below)

Below are a few tips to prevent the devices from low performance, damage, or accidental lost.

Ø Ensure the case remains on the IPad or Chromebook.

Ø Ensure food and drink are not around the device.

Ø Ensure scholars are stationary when using the device.

Ø Monitor data usage on the hotspot.

Ø When lessons have concluded for the day, ensure the scholar places the device in the same location for the next day.

Ø Ensure that your scholar's device is plugged in at the end of the day in order to be fully charged for the next school day.

If you have any questions regarding your scholar’s device, please contact: Harold Reed at hereed@aplusarts.com or 614-725-1305 ext.1001.

After School Program

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Celebrate 1st Quarter Principal's Club, Super Honor Roll and Honor Roll Scholars CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Please click on the link below and complete the online form for transportation

Please Watch for Support with Google Classroom!

How to Use Google Classroom (For Parents and Students of A+)

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