Target 2021 Summer Transistion

FUNdamental Student EdCamps Summer '16

What Can You Do This Summer?

Earn $200! Explore College Options! Explore Career Options! Have Fun!

Check out each of the Student EdCamps listed below.

  • Academy for Teachers
  • College and Career Exploration
  • Real World Academy
  • PreMAT
  • GSU Mini College


AFT Dates: June 6-24

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-1:30 pm

Five days a week for three weeks

The Academy for Future Teachers is a three-week summer program for bright, talented, diverse high school students seriously considering a career teaching math or science in an urban environment or in a math or science field.

At AFT, students collaborate with public school teachers and university faculty, reviewing core math and science concepts and developing teaching skills which they apply in work with real students. Great educators’ skills are key to success in many walks of life.

Come Find Out What Each Career Has to Offer!

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Pre-Matriculation (Pre-MAT) For the Class of 2016 Only!

Program Dates June 1-30

The Pre-Matriculation (Pre-MAT) classes are designed to assist students in refreshing and building algebra and English (writing) skills to pass the College Admissions Test (COMPASS). The Math class topics include: mathematics review, word problems, solving linear equations, graphing, operations and factoring of polynomials, and operations of radicals. The English class topics include: identify/correct run-ons, sentence fragments, subject/verb agreement, verb usage, writing principle (parallelism, apostrophes, confused words).

Parent/Student Orientation Program (Required) - Saturday, May 21, 2016, 11 a.m. - 12 Noon

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You Don't Want to Miss This! June 3rd or June 17th!!

What is “REAL WORLD” ACADEMY" all about?

June 3 “Senior Real World Transition” workshops for graduating seniors. The objective of the program is to provide real-life skills and content relevant to students’ transition from 12th grade into the next phase in life.

June 17 “High School Real World Transition” workshops for students in grades 9-11th.

What's it about?

o Setting Appropriate Goals for Life after High School

Topics may include: effective time management; realistic goal setting; follow-through; dealing with real life challenges; diversity in college and the work place (working well with others), etc.

o Financial Literacy

Topics may include: managing your money; wise use of credit; banking basics for students; building your financial confidence

Are you a College Bound? Come to the GSU Mini College!

When: June 8

Where: Georgia State University

What: Get college ready!

  • Four Steps to College
  • How to get ready for college
  • Campus Tour
  • Student Life
  • Introduction to the various colleges/majors
  • Career Exploration
  • College Application Assistance
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Tutoring/ Study Skills Assistance offered at the college level
  • Advisory
  • Leadership Development

Target 2021: CRCT Remediation and Academic Support Program