Sacramento's 5 Themes of Geography

Lauren Colliau

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This represents the relative location. Sacramento is about 8 hours north of Los Angeles, and 2 and 1/2 hours northwest of San Francisco. It's cordinates are 38 degrees north and 121 degrees west.

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In Sacramento there are numerous languages and things to do. Old Sacramento being my personal favorite, as well as downtown because of the awesome food places. Old Sac has some awesome places like Evangeline's costume stop, Candy heaven, and Ten 22 filled with food that is not only delicious but whos menu is based around local organic options. As for the rest of Sacramento, there are various festivities to occupy yourself in. They also have the State Fair once a year. Sacramento experiences a Mediterranean weather pattern, meaning the summers are hot and dry, whereas the winters are relatively cold.

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We mostly just use cars. However we do have railroads that get goods from one place to another. Also boats take people to and from different places on the rivers. Sacramento is up to date on technology so we move our ideas through there.

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Sacramento is in the redwood and strawberry region. Being in the valley we have the best produce. Sacramento is the Capitol of California. It has many suburban cities outside of it.

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Human Environment Interaction

We have huge redwood trees all over northern California. We also spend lots of time conforming our gardens to the changing climate. We have built damns too.