Move Over November!

Ready to take advantage of the BEST month of the year?

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It's HERE!!!

NOVEMBER IS FINALLY HERE - Welcome to our BIGGEST month of the year!!! October was incredible and the best is yet to come! Want to increase your earnings this month? Want to pay for the holidays in cash? Ready to make that dream of promoting a reality? November is the month to do it! What if you stretched yourself to book 5 new trunk shows over the next 5 days to be held before the end of the year? What would you do with an extra $1200 - $1500 in earnings over the coming months? Not only will you increase your earnings but most likely you won't have to think about booking again until the new year - how good would that feel?! Look for booking tips from home office in your inbox every day this week and make sure you have joined our larger team (Southern Charms) FB page at as we all cheer each other on to add 5 more and make this a record breaking month!

We will be adding multiple leader-run Booking Blitzes and New Stylist Trainings over the next week or so- some at night, some during the day, in conjunction with the calls provided by Home Office. So whether you need to fill your calendar (ME TOO- I don't want to leave any money on the table during Holiday shopping season), are brand new and need some extra training, or if you are flexing back in and need a refresher (welcome back!), keep your eyes peeled on the Group page and on our Todallets page for the events as they are added.

As ALWAYS, I am available via text, email or phone if you have any questions, or want to schedule a Coaching Call!


Top Sellers for October

4 Kathryn Larson Richmond, VA $2,665.50

5 Hillary Anseman Biloxi, MS $2,350.75

6 Kim Schluter Camas, WA $1,863.50

7 Sandra Spring New York, NY $1,645.75

8 Susan Devich Virginia Beach, VA $1,562.75

9 Allison Byers Salem, OR $1,427.30

10 Kyle Schettler Addison, TX $1,358.39

12 Michelle Hudgins Virginia Beach, VA $940.45

13 Heather Spivey Newport News, VA $904.25

14 Caitlin Haggerty Alexandria, VA $839.50

15 Kagan Mcspadden Midlothian, VA $756.50

Looking for Ideas to Move your Business Forward?

Wrap up the Season- and RACK UP THOSE REWARDS!

Are you ready to Wrap Up the Season? You’re going to finish 2013 strong and we’re going to help you win incredible prizes along the way! Join us for a fun, business-building, 3-month selling & sponsoring incentive where you earn Spring Hostess Exclusive items to help you book, a mini iPad and free product credit for spring samples to help you sell – and even an invite to a VIP Champagne toast at Jessica’s house during Directors Retreat for fun and inspiration heading into the New Year!

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Click on the link below to listen to Danielle's Webinar!

Don't miss these Home Office Calls!

Sponsoring Webinar with VP of Training, Danielle Redner
Wednesday, November 6th
Dial: 800-747-5150 Access: 7660795#
Click here to watch:
Note: You will need to dial-in for audio and click this link to watch the presentation.
Join your very own VP of Training, Danielle Redner, for a special webinar focused exclusively on growing your teams this holiday season. Danielle will share her 5 easy steps to sponsoring which anyone can follow. The holiday season is a great time to sponsor, tune into this webinar to learn how!

Deep Dive Training featuring Associate Director, Missy Bryan
Wednesday, November 6th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#
The holiday season is officially upon us! Join our Deep Dive Training call on Wednesday to hear how Associate Director, Missy Bryan, achieved top 10 in sales last November. Missy will share her 4 simple ways she maximizes her sales during this busy time of year.

Opportunity Call
Thursday, November 7th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 8510587#
Mark your calendars and share this event with your prospective Stylists to get on the line with VP of Training, Danielle Redner and Director, Amelia Keely as they discuss the Stella & Dot opportunity, why now is the perfect time to start a new business, and tips on the best way to get started. Your guests will also have the opportunity to ask Danielle and Amelia any questions they may have about the business. This is a “must do” for anyone who may be on the fence about the opportunity.

Welcome to these New Stylists who signed on in October!

My Schedule

Wednesday, 11/13 Richmond, VA
Thursday, 11/14 Arlington, VA
Tuesday, 11/20 Lunchtime Office TS- Richmond, VA
Tuesday, 11/20 Richmond, VA- New Stylist Launch
Wednesday, 11/21 Richmond, VA
Thursday, 11/22 Richmond, VA

Todallets (that's Stella Dot backwards!)

Please make sure you are following along in our Team Facebook page- I will post incentives, Kudos, challenges, tips, documents to share, etc. in this forum. Check it daily, and use it as a resource. Feel free to comment, share, or ask a question as well- the more interactive the Group is, the more you will get out of it! Click here to make sure you are a member, and if we aren't already FB friends, please Friend Request me!