HMS Weekly Bulletin

MAY 23 - 27

Activities/Clubs for the Week

Monday (A Day)

7th Grade field trip (Only students who earned this trip may be out of uniform.)

3:20-4:30PM CryptoClub Room 116

Tuesday (B Day)

7:45AM Graduation Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday (A Day)

12:00-4:45PM White Sox Game for students who purchased with Falcon Dollars

3:30 PM Rachel’s Challenge Room 228

3:20-4:20PM Art Club

3:20 - 3:55PM Yearbook Club Room 114

Thursday (B Day)

7:40AM NJHS Meeting Room 230

Friday (A Day)

3:30PM Charity Volleyball Game - $1 or 5 water bottles for residents of Flint Michigan