Activate Learning Bespoke Award

Exciting new introductory teaching qualification 2015-2016

Did you know we are working closely with Ascentis to create an Activate Learning Award specifically designed for Activate Learning Staff?

Empowering and transforming people is our core business. We have been working closely with Ascentis Awarding body to design a highly specific qualification to meet our organisational needs and help you to understand your key roles and responsibilities as a Activate Learning Member of Teaching Staff more clearly.

You have told us that you work across campuses and that you have limited time to attend a course interview and we understand how busy you are. To address this, members of Activate Learning Staff will have the opportunity to receive a phone interview for this course from this week until the first week in January at a time that suits you.

Please read this SMORE to find out if this is a suitable course for you.

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Course Overview

Who is this Activate Learning Award In Education for?

The Bespoke Active Learning Award in Education and Training is for;

- New members or existing members of Activate Learning Staff who do not already hold any teaching qualifications and are not currently completing the PGCE

- Members of Activate Learning business support staff who are interested in gaining a qualification to support you with teaching, training or supporting

What is the Activate Learning Award in Education and Training?

The Award in Education and Training is an introductory course for Activate Learning Staff who wish to teach or train in the learning and skills sector which includes (all post 16 education, including FE, adult and community learning as well as work based learning and offender education). This can be teachers or business support staff who have an interest in training or teaching. Although the course does not provide fully qualified teacher status like the PGCE it's ideal for staff who need comprehensive introduction to the role and responsibilities of teachers at Activate Learning,

When will the Activate Learning Award in Education take place?

The Activate Learning Award in Education and Training will begin Tuesday February 23 -June 14th 2016. It is a weekly course that requires a commitment of 3 hours each week for the class session which is blended and is made up of online, and face to face sessions. In addition there is a 2 hour requirement of independent study each week. However please note this is only a recommended independent time and it may take you personally less or more time.

Do I need any specialist qualifications to get on this course?

Entry to the course is via an application form and a (phone) interview with the Course Leader/Tutor Sian Cabrera and through completion of online initial assessments that will be sent to your correct email address to assess your literacy and numeracy level. Applicants are also required to take a short 30 minute reading and writing assessment of literacy to level 2. To enter the course learners should have a background in the subject(s) you wish to teach and ideally have GCSE English (grade A*-C) and Maths or equivalent. You will also have to provide an original copy of your qualifications related to your subject specialism and English and Maths.


Your views count! Please help us co-create our curriculum to suit your needs...

What time would be best for you to have the course on Tuesday?

To help us find out the best time to run the course thank you to all who has filled in the Doodle Poll we provided to you . The best two time slots were 2:00-5:00pm and 3:30pm-6:30pm. We are now asking staff to let us know the best time out of these two times by 15 January . To share your views please contribute to the following Doodle Poll 3:

Where do you want the course to take place?

Our 13 week course will take place at a venue chosen by you. If you are interested in the course and you meet its eligibility criteria, please fill in the Doodle Poll below to inform us which is the most convenient location for you to have this Activate Learning Group Course. We will run the course at the centre you want most based on your feedback the poll will run up until 30 November 2015.

What do you think our Activate Learning Award Course should look like?

The specification for the course can be found here the qualification is called the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Do you have any idea about what you would like your activate course to look like?

What assessments you would prefer?

How you want it to be structured?

What you would like it to include?

Which guest speakers you would like to contribute from within the group?

Why not help us co-create your views count.

All you need to do to add your views is either fill in this short survey here you will need to use your Activate Learning Google Login e.g jsmith@activate then use your usual login details to login to the Athens screen. If you are having trouble with logging in, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be delighted to help with how to do this My name is Sian Cabrera and I can be accessed on 018655 (50740) Oxford (50222) BBL (54319) Reading .

Alternatively contribute to our Padlet wall here

Please ensure your feedback gets to us as soon as possible no later than 30 November 2015 so we can liaise with Ascentis for you, they have a three week turn around to review assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Activate Learning Award

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How can I apply to come on this Activate Learning Award in Education and Training?

Initially you need to have a meeting with your current line manager to confirm they are happy to financially support you in completing this qualification, as the funding will come from their department budget. Your manager will need to then liaise with your head of learning. After having had confirmation that both your Head of Learning and Manager are happy to fund the qualification, please fill in an application by visiting the link below: and following the instructions provided.

This will require you to:

  1. Download our application form (Chrome users, please right mouse click and select "save as link..." and save this to your desktop)
  2. Complete all fields within the form
  3. Save it using the grey "save form" button at the bottom
  4. After saving the form, do not email within Adobe PDF
  5. Return it to us via email ( and CC and;

    using Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail or another online provider.
  6. Alternatively drop it into Learner Services.
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Who will fund this qualification?

The cost of this qualification is £492. This includes your registration fee.

- If your learning manager and head of learning is happy to fund the full amount of the qualification then your department will be charged for the full cost of the course.

In order to confirm funding please get an email from your head of learning and email this to Papiha Whitehouse by the end of day 11 January. You will need to send an email to

- If your manager and or head of learning does not agree to fund this course. (For example if teacher or training is not a significant part of your role). You can still privately fund the qualification yourself. To do this you will need to liaise with Advice and Admissions (formerly learner services) on 01865 550 550 about the full costs or to discuss any financial arrangements.

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What is the format of this qualification?

The qualification will be blended, some of your sessions will take place virtually online and some of your sessions will take place face to face. The guided learning hours for this qualification is 48 guided learning hours. You will be expected to complete an additional two hours each week completing independent learning and assessments. However, this can be less or more than two hours depending on your own productivity, knowledge and experience.

What units would I study if I completed this qualification?

You would study three key units within this qualification;

Unit: Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training (RRR)

This unit is about the role of the teacher or trainer at Activate Learning in planning, managing and delivering, assessing and evaluating learning in line with our strategic plan. You will also investigate relevant legislative requirements and responsibilities such as creating a healthy, supportive environment, providing equal opportunities and encouraging co-creation and its importance in generating confident 21st century learners.

Unit: Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training (UIL)

This unit aims to develop understanding and use of inclusive teaching and learning approaches to meet the needs of learners. It examines our learning philosophy and learning cycle and how to plan and create a learning environment that engages and motivates learners. It requires you to deliver a short 15 minute micro-teach session and evaluate your own inclusive delivery and practice. This session will involve you delivering a micro teach to your colleagues on your course.

Unit: Understanding Assessment in Education and Training (ALET)

This unit aims to develop understanding of how different types and methods of assessment are used in Education and Training. It will examine the need for assessment of and assessment for learning and will look at ways to involve learners in assessment and the requirements for assessment record keeping. It will also investigate how e- assessment and virtual learning can be used to engage learners in self directed study.

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How will I be assessed on this course?

You will be assessed using a variety of inclusive methods include a 15 minute micro-teach (you will deliver for colleagues), a written evaluation action plan of your unit (including a peer and self assessment), on-line assessments ( including a forum, leaflet, online tasks, a written essay and workbooks. In addition you will be expected to keep an online reflective blog/ journal throughout your course.

However these methods are subject to change based on your views. We are working closely with Ascentis, so if you have any ideas about how you would like to be assessed please remember to give your feedback in the co-creation section above.

I would like to book time off over the half term, however when will I find out exact course dates and an assessment schedule?

Please note ; all the usual vacations and statutory holidays are observed in this qualification. However you will be given a full assessment schedule on the first induction week of your qualification 12 January 2016. As discussed in term time you will have independent studies for approximately two hours each week this could vary and be more or less depending on your own productivity and working pace. You will have official assessment deadlines that will require you to regularly submit work. A full assessment schedule will be given on week 1 Induction week. You will also be given access to to a course handbook that will give you an overview of assessment policy and procedures you will need to adhere to.

What assessments would you need me to complete during the interview stage? and how can I prepare for these?

As with any initial teacher training qualification you will be required to have an assessment in your literacy and numeracy. If you feel you need to brush up on your English and Maths there is a wealth of interactive resources here: Please do not worry if it's been a while since you completed any literacy and numeracy tests. This is designed as a supportive process to help us plan for any support needs you may have. As part of the initial assessment you will be asked to complete a 30 minute reading and writing task.

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Will I need to complete regular reading for this course?

Yes you will be expected to consult a wider variety of references from different sources on this programme and add them to your official assessments. However, do not worry you will be provided with support about how to reference your work in your induction. We will ask you to Harvard Reference your work in all official assessments due to the course being at level 3 standard.

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How would I be able to progress after having completed this qualification?

The exact progression route you take after completing the course will be unique to your job role and individual career aspirations. For example, if you are contracted as a teacher, then you could progress onto our PGCE. If you are an assessor you may wish to complete an assessor qualification. If you are an experienced teacher, you may wish to play a more active role in the Pass it On Programme. If you are a learning support practitioner you may wish to contribute to the Business Support Pass it on Programme. If you are a trainer you may wish to complete your CIPD qualification.


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How could I prepare for this course?

You can prepare for this course by ordering the following book ' Award in Education and Training' you can find this book in our library or buy it here . It would be a good idea to read and familiarise yourself with this book in advance of the course. You can also watch the following video to help you consider your upcoming micro teach session. Also it would be good to have a think about what topic you would like to do your micro teach topic.

If you are a new teacher, then you can also read these Frequently Asked Questions for New Teachers by Anne Gravells to give you further support on other questions you have about this qualification and the wider further education context.

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Who will be teaching the course and who will be my tutor?

Sian Cabrera will be your course leader and course tutor. However, we would like to get a range of professionals to contribute to this course who will provide an enriching and varied experience for you. If you have any ideas of who specifically you would like to contribute please add your comments to the Padlet or survey in the co-creation section above.

Alternatively we'd love to hear from you if you are happy to;

  • Create a short podcast with support from our ILT team
  • Be a virtual guest speaker and facilitator with support from our ILT team
  • Contribute to a face to face in one or several sessions (Tuesday time TBC)
  • Share any ideas about how else you would like to contribute to this qualification
  • Be an interviewee on the course and would be happy for staff to interview you
  • Contribute to the course in a creative way to develop your own CPD

To register your interest, please contact the course leader and tutor Sian Cabrera on 01865 5 (50740) (Oxford) 50222 (BBL) Reading (54319) or email her on as soon as possible .

What is the exact days of face to face lessons and online lessons?

These are the provisional schedule of how the face to face and online session dates are likely to look:

Week 1 23/02/16 Face to face (however this will be supported online)

Week 2 01/03/16- Face to Face
Week 3 08/03/16- Online

Week 4 15/03/16- Online

Week 5 22/03/16 - Face to Face
Week 6 12/04/16 - Face to Face
Week 7 19/04/16- Online
Week 8 26/04/16- Online
Week 9 03/05/16- Face to Face (Note mandatory attendance for either week 9 or 10)
Week 10 10/05/16 - Face to Face (Note mandatory attendance for either week 9 or 10)
Week 11 17/05/16- Online
Week 12 24/05/16 - Online (however phone tutorials can be arranged)
Week 13 07/06/16 - Online (however phone tutorials can be arranged)

Week 14: 14/06/16 Online

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