Wichitas Tribe

By: Sarah Moyer

Arrival and Departure

The Wichita came in the 1700's. Which is late compared to when the other tribes came to Texas. Though they arrived in present day Oklahoma. The lived in the North Central Plains. They were not nomadic so they stayed in this place for a long time. They now live in a reservation in Oklahoma. That they moved to in the 1800's.
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Since the Wichita weren't nomadic they lived in villages. The houses had straw houses and grass outer coverings on the houses. This was okay because they weren't moving around and didn't need to pick up their houses and move to the food.


The Wichita were hunters and farmers. They ate corn, beans, and squash that they grew them selves. The hunted deer and other small animals, and the occasional buffalo. for the the meat and skin. They also collected nuts and fruit for food.

Obtaining Food

They mainly used bow and arrows to hunt, and the women grew the crops. The women would also collect the fruits and nuts.
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Weapons and Tools

The used bow and arrows for food and war. For war they also used a war club and hide shields. The hails are made out of animal hide.The war club looks like a deformed boomerang.


The Wichita were people who believe in natural forces such as fire, water, wind, etc. They also believed in shamans or witch doctors.


They had a Chief for each band that was chosen by a tribal council. They also had a sub-chief.

Fun Facts

The Wichitas were people who loved telling stories. They told fairy tales and legends. Story telling was a still is a very important thing to the Wichitas, and they still keep the tradition alive today.