Horses? What's that?

A Horse

A horse is a fast, beautiful, tall, sleek, elegant, and a muscular animal. Horses come in all shapes and sizes. Horses are sport horses often used for compitions, riding, trail classes, and much more. Horses came from a small ponie called the eohippus, the eohippus is a four toed horse that is very small and about to the size of my knee, which I am very small. Horses are very nice and are built for anyone and if you love horses, horses will love you too!

Ancestors of a horse

As I told you about the eohippus the horse has many other ancestors. Below there are pictures of three of their early ancestors.

Below is a picture of the changing of a horse

eohippus final.m4v

Horse sporting events

There are sporting events for horses just like how humans have a compitition. Horses usally either enter racing, steeple chasing, reining, barrel racing, cross country, jumping, dressage, gait classes, and much more. Horses are very good competitors but horses have to be fully trained to do that activity unless you want to get a bad score.
This is a picture of jumping in the Olympics.
This is a picture of racing.
This ia picture of dressage.
Horses are very fun and you can do a lot of activities with them. Horses are a girls best friend. If you love Horses, Horses will love you back. And that is a horse.