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News and Information for our RCS families . . . . . 2-19-16

Second Graders Write a Personal Narrative

Second Graders recently spent some time learning and writing personal narratives. They learned that a personal narrative is a story that happened to you, personally. They learned that good stories answer the 5 “W” questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? The students then planned, drafted and worked with a partner to edit their stories. They are excited to share them during the next round of Student-Led conferences.

Turtle Power in Pre-K!

Our Pre-Kindergarten scientists have been using their amazing powers of observation to study Sheldon, our classroom pet. This Eastern Painted Turtle is fascinating! From our studies, we know many things about him:

"When I touched his belly, he put his head in his shell." "His shell helps him. It protects him. He has a yellow thing on his stomach. He can float."

Why call him a painted turtle? "He is a painted one because he is colorful, and I thought someone painted him, but someone didn’t." "We learned about that he got painted skin. Because he has stripes on the bottom of his shell. He has stripes like somebody painted him."

How do we know he is an Eastern Painted Turtle, not a Western? "They have a yellow belly. One has a red belly. The one that has the red belly is far away (Western Painted Turtles), and the ones with the yellow bellies are not far away (Eastern Painted Turtles)."

How do we know Sheldon is a boy? "He is a boy because he has long claws. If he was a girl he would have short claws."

Where do they come from? "The mommy makes a nest with her back feet. She lays eggs, covers the nest, and she leaves. They hatch out of their eggs with their egg tooth. They get their way out to the water." "Cover up. A egg. Se rompieron. Mommy turtles a feet. (Dig their nests with their feet.) A babies."

What do they eat? "They eat grass, insects. They live in a stream. He has a shell ‘cuz he hides when he’s afraid. They sleep in the water."

What do they do in ponds? "They sleep in mud and they cover theirself up so they can get all comfy and cozy." "Okay, this is where he is in night. He goes under the pond and goes in his shell and sleeps. In daytime, he goes on a log and get warm from the sun. Okay, I’m done."

We have had to work really hard on our Pre-K Character Strength of SELF CONTROL to keep out hands out of the turtle's home while he visits. We know we want to touch him, but we can only observe with our eyes unless Mrs. Graham lets us take a turn holding him. Whew! So much hard work!

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Student Led Conferences

It’s almost time for our second round of student-led conferences! Conferences will be Thursday, March 10th and Friday, March 11th - information will be sent home with students next Thursday, February 25th. Please watch for this, so you can respond as soon as possible. Childcare for children that are not involved in the conference will be provided if needed. Your child is very excited to show you everything that they have learned and accomplished so far this year!

Below are some pictures of our 3rd grade scholars working hard to prepare pieces for their conferences!

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Maker Lab Saturdays!

Ripley Central School will be hosting another Maker Lab tomorrow, Saturday, February 20th from 8-11 AM. We will be planning and building indoor watering systems using only certain materials. Students in grades K-6th are invited. Students MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. We hope to see you there!
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Thursday, February 25 ~ Chautauqua Safety Village, Ashville, PreK & K

Wednesday, March 2 ~ Read Across America Day!

Wednesday, March 2 ~ Pasta Dinner sponsored by Ripley Bicentennial Committee - please add to your calendar and watch for more information!

Friday, March 4 ~ Student Technology Expo

Wednesday, March 9 ~ "Peter and the Starcatchers" at the Erie Playhouse, Gr. 3, 4, 5

Thurs. & Fri., March 10/11 ~ 1 PM Dismissal & no ASP due to Student Led Conferences!

Tuesday, March 15 ~ Agricultural Literacy Week Reader visits!

Thursday, March 17 (Small Gym) ~ Aladdin Kids: The Musical, 6:00 pm

Mon.-Fri., March 21-25 ~ No School - Spring Break (Building closed Good Friday)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, April 5 - 7 ~ NYS ELA Exams, grades 3 - 6

Tuesday, April 12 ~ "Big Bad Wolf" at Shea Theater, Buffalo, K - gr. 2

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, April 13 - 15 ~ NYS Math Exams, grades 3 - 6

Friday, April 29 ~ NO SCHOOL - Staff In-service Day