Who Am I?

Getting to Know Aria Ramus


I graduated from South Salem High School in 2014 and this is my second year at Portland State! I'm a Spanish major, minoring in Secondary Education, and I hope to teach Spanish after getting my bachelors and masters. Spanish is an important part of my identity as a Latina woman, and having the opportunity to learn it and be able to pass that knowledge on to others is one of the things I'm passionate about.


I've been working with University Housing and Residence Life for a year now, in multiple positions. Through my work and volunteer experience with the department, I've met some of the greatest people and found an on-campus community where I am able to thrive in various leadership and support positions.

The Important Things

I have 5 siblings: Isaac, Josh, Jaydan, Lola, and Violet. They're all younger than me and I love them all very much.
My family mostly lives in Salem, OR, with some stragglers in Southern California, Eastern Idaho, and Portland.
I live in Portland year round.
My friends are a great group of very talented people and I feel lucky to know them!