By:Eyal Hasoun

The flag of Spain

The principle colors of the flag are red and yellow

Important places in Spain

There are many important places in Spain but the most important and famous cities are Madrid and Barcelona because there are many important and famous things in them

The currency

The currency of spain is the Euro.

The Euro is about 4.299I.L.S

The Euro is the currency of counties in the European union.

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The King of Spain- Felipe VI

King Felipe is Europe's youngest monarch.

He was born in 30 January 1968.

He became the king in 2014 following the his father King Juan Carlos.

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The football in Spain

Barcelona vs Real Madrid:

Barcelona and Real Madrid are always in a competition and they are the most famous teams in spain.
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What is the Camp nou ?

The Camp nou is Barcelona's football studium.

It is the bigGest studium in Europe.

Camp Nou started on 28 March 1954 as Barcelona's stadium.

This is a video about Barcelona vs real madrid

Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona - All Goals 21-11-2015 (HD/HFR)