The Koala and The Panda

Ava Holzer

One cloudy day Paris the panda could hear a soft whimpering cry. It was the sound of a baby Koala left by a river alone. With Paris panda’s kind, gentle heart she took the koala in to raise as her own. Paris panda named the Koala Khloe after many days of thought. Every day was he same for the two. Khloe went to school, her mother worked at a restaurant cooking, they both met by the same river they found each other, and they went out hunting for a fresh dinner. But then one day Paris became ill and weak. She couldn’t provide for Khloe and herself anymore. So Khloe stepped up and took her mother’s place and even took her mother’s job. Khloe became an amazing cook which gave her mother something to look forward to every day, and the excitement and love became so strong she was healed! The same happened when Khloe got sick. Their love for each other grew day after day, year after year as the kindness bounced back and forth between the two. Love grew generation after generation with animal from bunnies to elephants.

Moral: One good deed deserves another.