By Jayson Nguyen

Why verbs should stay.

Verbs should stay because, well, how else would we tell what we are doing? Without verbs, every action would probably be called "Something" or "Action". Imagine that, pretty incoherent right? Plus, Internet Memes such as "Keep Calm" and "Challenge Accepted" would just be what I said earlier. WE NEED VERBS!!! Well, here come examples in the next paragraph. Or, something similar. Plus, these pictures may humor you.

Verbotious Examples!

Well, uh, here are some examples, I guess.

  1. Run
  2. Remain
  3. Look
  4. Add
  5. Describe
  6. Cut
  7. Snore
  8. Cook
  9. Sprint
  10. Walk

Compete with this, Classmates!

I don't why anyone or ANYBODY would ignore this. This may be a big help in saving the Verbs. Good night, (Or Day) and i'll see you, maybe... Tomorrow?