K1 News!!

December 7th-11th

K1 has a classroom Elf!! His name is Peppermint Jingle...aka PEP! Ask you kids everyday about our adventures with PEP!

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Our Schedule Next Week

Monday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Guided Reading Folders and Books Go Home!!

November/December Oral Presentations due back to school

Tuesday: Music & Library Day

Library Day! Please help your child return their library books to school!!

Wednesday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Thursday: Art Day

White day this Week

Friday: PE Day

**wear tennis shoes!

Guided Reading Folders and Books return to school!!


We learned that plants have a life cycle like humans do.

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Next Week We Will...

      • Unit: Reindeer
      • Letters: big review of short a and short i
      • Sight words- she, me
      • Review Old Words- I, am, go, to, little, is, like, a, the, have, at, my, we, for, he, said
        • Math: Introducing Coins- Quarter, nickel, dime, penny
        • Science: Weather
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We are learning coins next week!

The time has come for our class to talk a little about money!! The kids LOVE learning about money! I wanted to mention that our goal in kindergarten is to have the kids IDENTIFY each of the coins in the US currency. We do not need to know the value of each coin- but we do expose it to them.

You can work on this skill at home by talking with your kids about the coins in your purse and see if they can identify them! Talk about the features of each coin and how they can remember the names.

Our classroom is part of the blended learning program here at Austin and this week we got our Macbooks out and started learning how to use them.

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SUPER IMPORTANT: Guided Reading Folders and Books!

One big change that is happening after the Thanksgiving break is our Guided Reading Folders and Books. Right now, your child only has their Austin Elementary folder with their calendar inside. Starting after the break, you will see a RED reading folder inside your child's backpack.

Inside this folder is a list of sight words to practice at home, as well as a list of reading strategies to help your child when they get stuck on a word.

Also, there will be leveled books inside the folder. That means that I have purposely chosen this book for your child based on their reading level. There may be one book, or two, it just depends on the week. These books are to STAY in the folder when you aren't reading them! They must be returned back to school.

I am going to do my best to make sure folders and books come home on MONDAYS.(sometimes it can be very difficult to get through all reading groups and Tuesdays may be the day they are brought home). I am asking your child to keep the folder in their backpack all week and for them to READ THE BOOKS AT HOME each night! These books may seem easy for them- and that's okay! We have already read these books in the classroom with me in their reading group. They are taking them home to show you what they learned and to build their reading confidence.

Folders and books need to be returned on FRIDAYS!! I will do my best to remind you. If they are returned on Friday, I have the time over the weekend to switch out the books and get what your child needs. Please please help your child with this responsibility.

In math we have been using number bonds to compose and decompose numbers.

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Thank you for collecting leaves for us! We were about to sort them and learn all the different characteristics of leaves.

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Congrats Neeley on getting an MVP this week!!

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Mark Your Calendar!

December 7th- Oral Presentations due!- Don't forget a visual!!

December 9th- Mrs. McDaniel out half day in the afternoon

December 11th- Lunch is at 10:45!!

December 17th- Classroom Winter Party 2:00pm- more details to come

December 21st- WINTER BREAK!!

For E-Time we explored rocks and drew them in our science journals!!

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December Birthday's

Jaden= December 8th

Manali= December 22nd

To end our week of book study on Gingerbread Men we did a fun Gingerbread Man Math and Science activity!!

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