The Real Middle Earth

Middle Earth may be closer to home than you think...

The United States, specifically the Appalachian Mountains, is the real Middle Earth.

The United States is usually thought to be polluted and building covered, but wasn't the case before the colonists arrived in the 1800s. The Cherokee Indians inhabited the Appalachian Mountains for hundreds of years communicating in Iroquoian, their native language. Their everyday life consisted of Cherokee women doing most of the farming while men hunted. Both genders wore clothing made out of animal hides and later Europeans introduced them to cloth. Some traditions would include the festivals held throughout the year to celebrate various things.

What about New Zealand?

The Appalachian Mountains beat the scenery of New Zealand in many ways. Whether you start in Georgia or Pennsylvania, the beginning of the journey is smooth like Tolkien described in the book. Your horse would have no problems getting through! As you get farther from home, the hills get steeper, civilization is scarce, and the weather is hit or miss. All of these are factors in the 14 characters's journey.

The Scenery of the Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains can be described as a 2,168 mile long mountain range with its tallest mountain reaching heights of about 6,700 feet. Several different rivers and valleys can be found along the area of the 14 states they stretch over.
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