Border Bandits - Texas Rangers

By: Renso A. Hernandez

The creation of the "Texas Rangers"

On November 24, 1835, during the Texas War of Independence, the "Texas Rangers" were officially constituted by the state. A base was created for them in Austin, Texas with over 100 Rangers.

Rangers governed by state

The Rangers were a group of skilled men that took care of there own needs, and were like a military force when they fought against the Indians, they played a very important role for Texas.

How conflict with Mexico began

Settlers from the U.S. lived between the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas Plains, and they had to

fight the Indians to protect them selfs, this soon lead to the creation of the Texas Rangers Division.

Texas conflict with Mexico

Another reason the Rangers were developed was because of the conflict Texas had with Mexico, so this team of men were armed and ready for any situation

Mexican-American War

In 1842, Mexico invaded Texas, and 4 years later it broke out into a Mexican-American War, The Mexicans against the Texas Rangers. The Rangers were heavily armed and won the war. Texas only feared of future conflicts with Mexico

U.S. Civil War

After the U.S. Civil War, many rangers individually fought for the confederate side. After all the conflict between Mexico and Indian, and other wars like this one the Rangers gained worldwide popularity.

The Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution began in 1910, tense situations arouse along the border of Rio Grande. After everything, thousands of Tejanos and Mexicans were killed by the Rangers. Many complained about the Rangers and didn't want them in control.

What the Rangers now?

For many years the Rangers were relied on to get the job done, after many years of them enforcing the laws the State finally got the control of the Rangers and changed them into what we know today as the “Police”.

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