Get Rid of Dress Code

Children should get to express themselves through clothing

Children in Black Meridian Mississippi get Thrown in Jail Because of Dress Code

Children in Black Meridian, Mississippi are getting thrown in jail because of dress code. kids should never get thrown in jail for something as pathetic as dress code. They should get to express themselves through anything, especially clothing.

Dress Code is Disintegrating the colorful lives of the sweet and harmless students

Students all over the country have to deal with this disgusting piece of garbage principles call Dress Code. This has been destroying the hopeful and colorful lives of children and teenagers.

Schools like LeanderIsd are preventing silly things like scarves and sunglasses. These pieces of clothing make kids feel like they are a part of something and can express themselves through any way shape or form but this school district is preventing all uses of these clothing materials. Another school district that has even more harassing pieces of trash is Victoria school district and they have school uniforms. All school uniforms do are make kids feel like little slaves and their principal tells them what they do. School Uniforms have kids crying because they have to where some ugly, plaid uniform with pants and very expensive shoes that some people might not be able to afford. More schools in Black Meridian, MIssissippi have the same dress code as most schools but these schools have students get thrown in jail for extreme dress code. They has to get the cops involved and everything. Thats way too extreme to have children get thrown in jail for some foolish clothing rules. Finally, Children need to express themselves through something and for some children that is the only thing that they have, clothing. Clothing has made a huge impact on some kids but schools are taking away the master piece of life called clothing.

Dress Code in schools also has some downfalls. Some children wear inappropriate clothing where parts of their body that are usually covered up are showing. Some students wear this because it feels comfortable and relaxing and they forget that they are at school. But teachers and staff members don't think of it that way. They think that students are just wearing that because they don't care, but really the students just want to be comfy and not wear nice looking clothes. Another reason why teachers don't want their students to wear sunglasses, hats and scarves is because they think that maybe that maybe they won't be paying attention but when really children either wear sunglasses, hats or scarves because they like how the clothing look on them or they just want to cover up maybe a bad hair day or a pimple on their forehead.

Dress Code is a disgrace to a lot of students in school and has been destroying their colorful lives by having to wear certain clothing. All Children want to do is wear colorful clothing and maybe once in awhile a hat but children would never want to harm people with their clothing but just make themselves look good.

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Here are what some people have to say about no more dress code...

Connor: Well, I think their should some limits but a lot less strict the it it already is

Kale: There should be some limits to dress code but dress code restricts people from expressing themselves through clothing

Joe: I think that there should be a very small limit to dress code but people shopuld get to where like their favorie band shirts that might have like a cigarette on it but that does'nt really matter