Flipped Classroom

Something new is coming to our math lessons....


I have some new and exciting news that will change how your child will learn math. I will be starting to Flip our math lessons soon! For those of you that are not familiar with Flipped Classroom, I have included some information on what a Flipped Classroom is and it's benefits as well as some questions you may have.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

A short video clip of me teaching the math lesson for the night will be viewed at home by the student before class the next day. The student will be watching this video instead of completing nightly math homework. The student will be taking notes while watch the video and will also write down any questions that they have about the lesson.

How will my child access the video from home?

You child can log onto Eduvision, which is a program through Onslow County Schools. This site can be accessed from any device and watched as long as their is an internet connection.

What happens if my child doesn't have internet access at home?

Your child will have the opportunity to watch the video as soon as they walk into the classroom in the morning.

What are the benefits from using flipped classroom?

  • Students can watch and review at their own pace
  • Students are less likely to get frustrated
  • More teacher guidance
  • Students who are absent can watch the lesson at home so they don't fall behind