Job Interview Process

Merriah Bockmann

Before the Interview

  • research the company
  • look up where you are going
  • plan out your route
  • pick out your clothes
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During the Interview

  • come 5-10 minutes early
  • be friendly
  • have eye contact
  • have appropriate body language
  • shake their hand before and after the interview
  • bring resume and paper to take notes if you want
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Mistakes to avoid during a job interview - Job interview tips

5 Common Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself?
  • avoid personal things instead highlight your strengths

Why should we hire you?

  • bring out strengths that they are looking for that you have

What is your greatest weakness?

  • don't mention a weakness that is a skill they are looking for and show you are working to get better at it

Why do you want to work here?

  • say what you admire about this company and show how your strengths and abilities make you a good fit

What is your greatest strength?
  • pick an example of a strength that is connected with what you are applying for
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After the Interview

  • when leaving shake their hand and thank them for their time
  • send a thank you note in the next couple days thanking them for consideration and time
  • wait a couple days before calling again to see if you are hired
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Dress for the Interview

  • dress one up from what the workers wear


avoid loud colors and flashy ties

clothes are neat, clean, and ironed

don't wear cologne or aftershave

wear a suit or at least dress shirt with dress pants and shoes


clothes should be simple and dark in color

anything tight, bright, or short should be avoided

have a knee length shirt

wear a nice blouse or suit

make up and nail polish should be in neutral colors

avoid bright, unusual colors and long nails

keep your jewelry to a minimum

fairly low heeled shoes

don't wear perfume

How to Dress for Your Interview

Interview Don'ts

  • don't talk bad about past employers
  • don't ask about the money right away
  • don't have a negative attitude
  • don't slouch in your seat
  • don't play with pens or things on the desk
  • don't chew gum
  • don't look at your cell phone
  • don't be late
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