Promote Language Development


Your Toddler is Developing Language in Every Day Activities!

Your Toddler is absorbing new information every day, and has a brain that is hungry for knowledge. You can do many things to encourage your Toddler's language development!
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Encouraging Your Toddler:

  • Give your child words for feelings: This will help your toddler learn new ways to express them-self. Also try teaching them phrases that they can use frequently every day.
  • Talk to your toddler about special days or events: This will help your Toddler understand that stories have a beginning, middle and end. This will help them understand and create their own stories!
  • Talk to your toddler as you read a book: Point out different objects on a page, or describe what is happening in the story. Let your Toddler absorb and understand this information. You can figure out their interests, fears, and wishes as well!
  • Respond to the intended meaning of your toddler’s marks on paper: Even if you cannot make out what your Toddler's drawing is, encourage them and respond to them when they tell you that the line they drew is a dragon. Encouragement instills a lifetime love for writing!
  • Provide opportunities for your toddler to develop the physical skills needed for writing: In order to be able to control writing utensils, your Toddler needs motor-skill practice. Encourage your child to draw, form a sculpture with play-doh, finger paint, etc. This will help strengthen their fine-motor skills!