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JUNE 2015


Our next ERN meeting is June 20th, from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. We'll meet at the home of

Kim Flowers for a discussion about developmental play, play therapy, and our work with young children and their caregivers. Clinical, case-based discussions are welcome. Come join us for an interesting and reflective discussion. Coffee and tea will be served. Please see a separate email for the location details.

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ERN Hosts "Porges' Polyvagal Theory" Discussion

At our last ERN Saturday meeting on April 18, Donna Chevalier opened her home on a sunny morning in east county for ERN. Denise VonRotz, Chelsea Haakmeester, Laurie Hall, Susan Kim, Vincentia Schroeter, and Sherry Hartwell tackled Stephen Porges Vagal Theory using a short video, a pdf, and what we already knew. Vin’s knowledge and demonstrations of the theory kept us nodding and smiling. Lots of feeling safe. We know that means we can learn and be ourselves. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Porges’ theory is especially important for working with individuals/families who have experienced trauma because he normalizes the range of reactions people have in order to cope with traumatic events; for example, dissociation when one is in a life-threatening situation. Porges’ work also changes what we learned about the autonomic nervous system from a dual antagonistic system to a hierarchical system with three levels of response: life threatening, danger but is not life-threatening, and one of safety. His theory holds many implications for therapists. Creating a safe environment for the client is central for increasing well-being.

Best website is his own: http://www.stephenporges.com. Start with the "home" tab and from there you can choose several options for articles, interviews, and videos. You can also use YouTube for some of his talks.

How Does Mothering in the U.S. Fare? Moms From Around the World Compare

How much does geography and culture impact parenting? 10 moms from around the world are interviewed on topics ranging from maternity leave, child care, flexible work and more. Megan Caldwell, MPH, shares this thought-provoking video.
Infants & Toddlers Experiencing Trauma

Brenda Jones Harden writes "Research-to-practice brief: Services for families of infants and toddlers experiencing trauma". In this brief she summarizes what is known about the impact of trauma on our youngest, and services to support them.

Endorsement Update: Requirements for Reflective Practice Facilitator Mentor Change

On February 1, 2015, the California Center for Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health revised the endorsement requirements for Reflective Practice Facilitator-Mentor (RPF-Mentor). For example, those applying for RPF-Mentor endorsement are now required to submit a video-tape of a facilitated session as part of the application process. Use the button below for a complete listing of requirements for RPF-Mentor. For information about additional endorsement categories, please see http://cacenter-ecmh.org/professional-development/categories/.


While the video below might be difficult for some to watch, it is a powerful reminder of the importance of taking another's perspective---a fundamental tenet of reflective practice. Our ability to imagine standing in another's shoes helps us to feel empathy, an essential quality allowing us to form relationships and enable healing. It is critical for human health, this ability to see and feel the world from another's perspective. CEO Toby Cosgrove, MD, shared this video, titled "Empathy," with the Cleveland Clinic staff during his 2012 State of the Clinic address on Feb. 27, 2013. Enjoy!
Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care


The San Diego Chapter of the California Association for Play Therapy

Invites you to join us at their next meeting and presentation:

"Let Your Heart Sing! Integrating Music with Play Therapy Techniques for Children, Youth & Families", a FREE 1.5 CE Workshop for LCSWs and MFTs!

Date/Time: June 13, 2015


Location: National University Kearny Mesa Campus, Room 114

3678 Aero Ct, San Diego, CA 92123.

Workshop Description: This workshop is for beginning to intermediate play therapists interested in learning the benefits of integrating music as a play therapy tool. This fun, interactive workshop addresses the benefits of music in therapy and teaches ways to integrate music with play therapy for a variety of treatment goals, including improving mood, increasing self-expression and building coping skills.

Workshop Objectives:

1. After the workshop, participants will be able to identify three specific benefits of music that can be seen in play therapy

2. After the workshop, participants will be able to identify at least two methods of using music to assess and engage clients in play therapy

3. After the workshop, participants will be able to identify at least two play therapy techniques using music in the treatment of children and adolescents.

Presenter: Dr. Lisa Shadburn is a licensed psychologist in San Diego, CA who has been conducting trainings in play therapy and child interventions for over fifteen years. She has been a program director and play therapy practitioner in community mental health, school-based mental health, and private practice. She is a former adjunct faculty member at Alliant International University/CSPP, Los Angeles and Phillips Graduate Institute.

Registration: Contact sandiegocalapt@gmail.com to RSVP.

California Association For Play Therapy ~ San Diego Chapter




Save the date for the 6th Annual We Can't Wait conference on September 17-19! This year's theme is "Trauma Informed Care: A Lifelong Perspective to Live Well". We're fortunate to have Dr. Bruce Perry return as a keynote speaker. This year, the renowned Chandra Ghosh Ippen, PhD, will also join as a keynote speaker to discuss Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) and diversity. Several ERN members will lead workshops as well. It promises to be a wonderful learning experience. Details to follow!


Call Laurie Hall, LCSW, at 619.297.0025

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