Serving a Meal

Allie Andrews

Types of Meal Service

There are two types that most people use to serve meals, Family Style and Plate Service. Family Style is where the food is already in dishes and on the table and it means that people help themselves. Plate Service is where the food is already on everybody's plate and is brought to the table.

Setting the Table

Depending on what you are eating depends on what tableware to set out. So if you are eating steak for instance you won't need a bowl, so you won't need to set that put. Make sure you put all silverware (knife, spoon, and fork) no matter what you are eating because everybody has a different way of eating. Also the main things you need to set out are Plates, Bowls/other dishes,Flatware,Glasses, and Table linens.

Basic Table Manners

Table Manners are really just a matter of being more respectful and responsible. They make everyone at the table feel more comfortable, so you can enjoy your meal better. One thing to not forget is that table manners are an everyday thing not just at special occasions or when your with your grandparents. Some of them are easy but yet some of them are harder, all you have to do is put a little extra effort and it'll be a first instinct as soon as you sit down for dinner

Clearing the Table

Have you ever heard of clearing the table? Thats a great thing for kids to do after their parents have had a long day at work. After everybody is done eating it is time to clear the table. If you have guest over you might want to consider taking their dishes for them. DOn't stack dishes at the table wait till you are in the kitchen or a cleaning space. You might not want to get up until everybody is finished eating unless you are excused.

Safety Rules

There are some safety rules that are just common sense, like NO aluminum foil or metal in the microwave or Don't try to catch a falling knife.But there's others that some people don't think of like apply heavy pressure if you have a heavy bleeding cut. Also Some people don't know that they need to have dry hands when dealing with electrical appliances.

Sanitation Rules

I doubt you want to be sick for a really long time, so all you have to do is follow these rules and be the healthiest person. Make sure you wash your cutting board after you cut meat and before you cute cheese, that would cross contamination and that will get you very very sick. Some other sanitation rules to follow are to store and cook your food properly. Also ALWAYS wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
I think serving meals, sanitation rules, and safety rules are important to follow/do because you want your food to be good and not give people food poisoning. You need to learn how to serve a meal and set the table when you're young so when you're a mom/dad you can do it and teach your kids how to do it.