Changed america for better and for worse

9/11 was the biggest turning point of american History

September 11, 2001 also known as 9/11 caused families to cry an ocean of tears mainly because of the loss of their family members.

Lost but Not Forgotten

In total the attackers took 2,996 lives including themselves. 9/11 was no accident everything had to planed out, no one can get on a plane and just decide to blow something up.

Major Arguments


Invalidation of privacy

Cameras, drones, and bugged devices are all used a still being evolved as time go by but they mainly are used to evade our privacy. Cameras are placed in even the most strangest places like gardens,fire alarms, and even light poles to record people actions 24/7. Drones are flying silent over house and sometimes by windows to see the actions of a person instead of asking them questions they do further investigation watching your every move and without you even knowing


The government have been bugging phones, computers, and social media sites. no matter what the government have access to all your personal systems, when on your phone they read every text you send, listen to every call you make but why? because some believe 9/11 was a inside job by president Bush. Computers are just the same but if you have a web cam they can watch and record your every move plus recovering deleted files. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, even Filpagram are watched and taken record of by the government for "protection" reasons.

Upgraded Security

After the incident on 9/11 the government decided to add more and better protection so nothing like this could happen again. More security at malls, airports and even the streets have a few extra officers driving around, the incident struck fear into the hearts so much that schools have searches but most of all the people of the Muslim culture are considered a threat because of the situation.