Meet Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate

Tuesday February 25, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.

Meet U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Rubens

Jim Rubens is a small business owner, entrepreneur and two-term Republican State Senator who served as the chair of the Public Affairs and Education Committees. He attended Dartmouth College and studied chemistry, leaving in his Junior year to pursue political, social, and business entrepreneurship. Jim has founded and run over a dozen businesses. He was Board President of Headrest, a substance abuse program and suicide prevention hotline serving northern New England. He is a private venture investor, focusing on New England start-ups in proprietary technology and healthcare solutions. He has lived with his family in Hanover, New Hampshire since 1980.

Tackling America's Tough Challenges with Conservative Solutions

  • Reduce Our Debt – Have the courage to talk honestly about how we must cut spending.
  • Stabilize and Preserve Social Security & Medicare – By reducing the over $70 billion in annual Medicare fraud, allowing government to negotiate pharmaceutical prices, enacting medical tort reform, and phasing in means testing for millionaires, we can sustain these vital programs for both current retirees and young people.
  • Repeal & Replace ObamaCare – Increase the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare and health insurance by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines, encouraging longterm health insurance contracts, expanding nonprofit primary care health clinics, increasing use of home-based care, permitting nurses to provide more medical services, and improving chronic disease management.
  • Strong National Defense - oppose wars, such as Jeanne Shaheen's Syria bombing war, where US national security is not at stake.
  • Term Limits - vigorously support a term-limits constitutional amendment and, if elected, pledge to serve no more than two terms.
  • Permanently Cut Payroll & Corporate Tax Rates – Create jobs and make America the world’s best place to do business with lower rates, a simpler tax code, and an incentive for US multinationals to invest overseas profits in the USA.
  • Stop Government Overreach – Sen. Shaheen supports NSA warrantless wiretapping and email surveillance as well as using the IRS to harass conservative organizations. I squarely oppose these 1st and 4th amendment violations.

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Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 6pm

176 Mammoth Rd

Londonderry, NH