Travel Brochure for Planet Earth!

The 3rd Rock from the Sun

The World

This is what the World looks like from Space. The Planet which we live on.
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Mt. Everest

If you decide to go to Mt. Everest, Here are some Challenges.
  1. Extremely cold.
  2. Avalanches.
  3. Slippery Ice

Here are some Opportunities.

2. Pictures

Travel Tips

  • The Best time is in May

Heres a Packing List

  1. A big coat
  2. A lot of money
  3. A permit to climb

Volcano Kilauea

If you decide to go to Volcano Kilauea, here are some Opportunities.
  1. Rocks from the dried up Lava
  2. Views from the top or from the lava flowings

Here are Some Challenges

  1. Its still erupting
  2. Acid rains
  3. Destruction

Heres are Some Travel Tips

  1. Dont get stuck

Heres a Packing List

  1. Money
  2. Lava Suit
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The Great Plains

If you decide to go to The Great Plains, here are some Opportunities
  1. Its easy to build a home or company

Here are some Challenges

  1. Flood Prone

Packing List

  • Shorts
  • T-Shirt

Here's some Travel Tips

  • Dont come in contact with any Lions or Cheetahs
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Climate Zones

One way we break up the World is Climate Zones. The closer you are to the to the Equator, the hotter. The closer you get to the poles, the colder.
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Another way me divide our Planet is Hemispheres. There is a North South East and West Hemisphere.
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Time Zones

Another way we divide the Earth is Time Zones. Time Zones are what time of the day it is all over the Earth.

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Suggestions for Places to Visit

  • Niagara Falls
  • Mount Rushmore
  • The White House
  • The Great Lakes
  • Chicago