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Quarterly Newsletter

4th quarter is creeping up on us.. :)

Hello ladies! Well, things are quite messy around here. Raise your hand if your kiddos are starting school soon! ::raises hand:: I swear this is like three holidays in one. Working and doing the normal things around the house and then trying to get your soon-to-be-kindergartener organized and teach him how to write and recognize at least his name is exhausting! I don't know how the ones with more than one in school do it! It's definitely stressful! But.. work is picking up which is a GREAT thing! Hope it is for all of you ladies as well!

I know times have been slow and its been easy to slow down and hard to start back up.. but we can do it! Fourth quarter is going to be crazy.. starting with next month! Once our new products come out, people will (hopefully!!) be calling you left and right! Everyone wants in on the new stuff, especially if they can get it FREE. So make sure you are not only showing them the Hostess Exclusive, but that you are telling them how much free product they can actually get at their party (even if its just a few people).

I am going to try to spice up my parties by doing themed parties, or offering the ideas to my hostesses. I will try to come up with a snack or two to match that theme, send them ideas on what they can have out, and will try to work my party around that theme. I think it makes it a little more exciting, and definitely different than other DS parties! I am also encouraging friends and family and hostesses to take me to their work, their school events, their sports games, because when someone orders, it goes towards their party total. It doesn't always have to be a normal at home party.

-You can do a catalog party where you send them the TOMs and order forms and let them do it (sometimes its great and sometimes the hostess just needs you to help her!)

-You can also do FB parties where you basically do the whole party online. Kind of like the parties that many of you have heard of! You have the hostess invite all her friends and family through a FB event, set a time, and everyone attends at that time. You post pictures of the product, you post a little explanation of the product, our story and even your own story. You can then let them shop, help when needed, etc. This is for the mom that cant leave the house but needs more info than the TOM can provide.

I know alot of our new ladies have maybe never done DS before O2.. and that is exactly how I started. I was with another company for 6 months before O2.. and didn't really learn anything at all. So starting this business was new for me, and was just as stressful.. especially because it grew so quickly. I am still learning daily, and i definitely learn from you guys! There are so many great ideas out there that its impossible to know everything. So I ask that you share the new things or the things that are working well for you with your team and even the entire team! Everyone can use new ideas, even if they seem as though they are doing fabulous!

Down below I have attached a photo of a great way to get your info out there, for minimal cost and in a not-in-your-face kind of way! A gardening packet is a great way to give out your info, give them a little incentive to order, and help them put their story into a locket. My gardening packet looks very similar to the one below, here is what i have in mine:

- Rack card (i used the new ones made by Brittany Cardinal! - love them!!)

- Business card

- Pen with my info (ordered from

- Scratch ticket I made with a free charm, free dangle, free plate or 10% off any locket.

- Magnetic "business card". Although this doesn't quite look like a business card, it can go on their fridge as opposed to in their purse where it is lost forever. So I just put a photo I took of a locket, and my info.

- Notepad with a sleeve that I made that basically tells them to write out their story and when they are done, give it to me and I will help them turn it into a locket.

So all this info is non-aggressive. I don't feel like when they ask about my locket and I give them this packet that I am begging them to join or buy. But I am rewarding them for asking about my business or my locket, and that might just be the type of attention they need to buy, host or even join. So this is a great idea, even if you modify it!! Any way to get your info into hands instead of on a bulletin board is great. :) And by adding the notepad, scratch ticket and even the pen, you are keeping them engaged, instead of just handing them a catalog and asking for them to order!


Last months sales, top sellers and winners for the scavenger hunt!


Last month we did $156,780! That is incredible for a slow month in DS. Be SO proud of those numbers! And even if you felt your month was slow.. remember, anything is better than nothing :)


- Kim Norwood $2,164.004

- Ann Gass $2,093.70

- Amanda Medina $2,044.80

- Leann Caballero $2,041.20

- Manuela Miller $1,805.40

- Abbey Clark $1,719.20

- Heather Castillo $1,717.70

- Julie Joyner $1,702.50

- Rhiannon Foster $1663.50

- Kay Dilks $1,640.50

WOW! Those are some amazing sales ladies! Now think, if you have been in DS before, have your sales ever been that high in such a slow month? And if this is your first DS company, know that those numbers are hard even in a good month for other companies!

CONGRATS on such great numbers!!

Scavenger Hunt!

As many of you know, we did a scavenger hunt for three weeks, and i was so proud of the points everyone got! The ones that joined the hunt had fun and maybe engaged in their business a little more! I hope it was fun for everyone!! Here were the winners!

Week 1:

1. Lillian Martinez

2. Carolyn Maykut

3. Mindy Giambalvo

Week 2:

1. Stormy Johnson

2. Beth Lauchstaedt

3. Leann Caballero

Week 3:

1. Francine Gray

2. Melissa Monn

3. Patricia Brenner

Congrats to all the ladies that won!!! Prizes will be to you SOON! :D

Booking Blitz!!

This week we are doing a BOOKING BLITZ!! Info is on our team page, and it ends the 23rd! Lets do all we can to book up our calendars so we can be ready for 4th quarter!

Regional Events!!

Also, for those going to Michelle's regional events, I am so excited to see those coming to Kansas City and for those going to Nashville you will have a blast!! It will be nice to meet up with our team again, get some great training in and remember why we are all here! To love what we are doing!! If you are unable to make the events, don't worry! There will be more events and plenty of opportunities for you to meet the team and get some great info!

Hope you all have a GREAT rest of the month!! Cant wait for all the new fun stuff next month and can't wait to see the new TOM! Keep up the great work!! <3